#WrongKindofGreen #CarolineLucas The Hypocrisy of Caroline Lucas and the Plastic Green Pseuds. A Letter to Clive Lord Founder of the Green Party of England and Wales. #CantonModel #OpensourceInternet #Wikicitizen #MagnaWiki #PDC (Personal Destiny Control)

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I wanted to ask the candidates this question:

Climate change is far more important, but this election will be about Brexit. Candidates can combine them with the following narrative:

Downsizing will happen, as a disaster if we continue with business as usual. We can forestall this by guaranteeing security for everybody, to allow a mind set change not just to individual eco-friendly behaviour, but voting for eco-friendly policies which would be perceived as threatening insecurity at present.



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Hi Clive,


The big always come from the small. Localism, is the answer and the humility for us all to realise the debt that our civilisation or consumer based luxury lives owes to FOssil FUel and Nuclear based energy resources.

On Energy resources going forward as the Late great Prof. Sir David MacKay said https://www.withouthotair.com/

“Every Big Helps”


I guess the same goes for Caroline Lucas’s political donations too Clive?


I fear clive that the Marxist Leninist and Fabian Fascists not to mention the skinny latte PC metropolitan LGBTQ+MeeToo brigade, have throttled the nascent Green shoots of the Green 2015 manifesto. NGO’s and #WrongKindofGreen funding has flooded into the Green Party (1) and Positive money and more or less everywhere else, as it did to wreck the Occupy movement.


Web 3 ( The open source web) is where you need to point your quil Clive, I may not agree with all you say but I do listen and so should other people including those who you believe are on your side.



I am building this at the moment clive https://steemit.com/magnapedia/@tonefreqhz/magnapedia-development-environment-links


This is the best thing close to our own aims with our Wiki and Dapp for the voting strategy for exo-corporate direct democracy candidates



the link above is to someone who Is not I think in my Anarchist libertarian camp but quite likely would be more in line with you. He is a very smart cookie you should enlist his help to get your blog past the Google censors. The Green party toffs are ignoring you clive precisely because you are seeking solutions, they are neither looking for solutions or looking for new ideas they are implementing and enforcing an extreme State Monopoly Fascist regime. Get in line or get squashed


I hope you are well and enjoying the spring.

best wishes,


(1) https://treadingmyownpath.com/2014/09/11/why-tetra-paks-arent-green-even-though-theyre-recyclable/










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