MagnaPedia. A Wiki and a Dapp,  “MagnaPedia” polling and voting to return a sovereign House of Commons

Canton Direct Democracy System

MagnaPedia. A Wiki and a Dapp,  “MagnaPedia” polling and voting

to return a sovereign House of Commons.

Introduction, Overview.
As a response to the dissatisfaction of a Democratic vote being ignored ( Brexit) and a realisation laid bare that Democracy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland does not do what it says on the tin. John ( Slog  )Ward and
Roger ( Tonefreqhz) Lewis decided to provide/coordinate/initiate/inspire/Cajole  a Wiki portal and series of Dapps to help independent or sovereign candidates coordinate voters to combine votes behind one non-narrative based candidate in each local election being the subject of any particular vote.
The Idea is to provide the Materials and resources digitally and the location in Open Source web 3 space to build a Launchpad for local subsidiary canton (PDC) democracy cells and construct the necessary Democraticrocketss from components again supplied with a recipe book for local vernacular campaigning to tailor Ground games to particular ground game conditions.
The challenge is as the previous paragraphs show to provide the Kit for PDC canto democracy with human readable and understandable instructions.
Roger’s Git Hub has a wide selection of Open source repositories from which the initial suite of Dapps and the Wiki platform to be built for the active roll
Presently The Initiative is on Everipedia,
and Fandom
and is explained in a Beezer App here.
The Slog has increasingly developed the initiative narrative successively for the past few weeks,
At the time of this edit 11th April 2019, The Slogs latest.
And the Initial Slog post and comment.
COmment that started this initiative
We made a few mockup apps for voting7polling and scoping out what exists. EOS and Everipedia, it has to be said, is the state of the art and well ahead of the field and the other wikis in development experimentation for this initiative are
Inspiration is also being drawn from Wiki Spooks
And this instance of Federated Wiki is along the lines of our own development track and thinking.