ANALYSIS: Nigel Farage is back, and as populist as ever. Now he needs to become a statesman.

Its not so much a Rabitt hole as a Network of Cesspools and sewer drains.

The Sockpuppet NGO Media Complex dominates the political Discourse in Legacy Media and also the Social Media Web-based media.
I t is naive not to assume that any movement or Party is not compromised in some way and anything which gets airtime and traction on the legacy web is due to tacit approval and control by the Sockpuppet NGO or State Funded actors.

To fight this level of corruption of our democratic, sovereign ideals as set out in Magna Carta, The Bill of rights and common law the best approach to cohesion is to be a many-stranded thread which will not fail as individual threads may perish.

Getting traction for a ground game , grass roots approach to taking back our sovereignty will relay on making the message plural and ubiquitous to ordinary discourse. The tools being developed for the WIki¤¤¤¤ (Votes, Citizen , Primary, Sovereign ) answers on a postcard to London WC1 etc…..


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