French letter: Paris, brule-t-il?

Great Stuff John.
I could do with a Fag with your Hair, the run would kill me.
The Dove, a sad tale to be sure, it always struck me as incongruous that Mike Tyson was a Pigeon Fancier. I am not sure why somehow that pursuit and Harlem never occurred to me as being a match but sure enough:

The Wiki is up and ready for people to dive in and adopt constituencies. It is hosted on a Server based community called Miraheze and

The trilogy features on this page here.

Adopt a Constituency here Sloggers and get editing.

As the Wiki takes shape I will then have a better idea as to how to automate the publishing of static copies on IPFS where the Google Algorithms will hopefully be spoofed and allow our Groundgame widgets to work their sovereign deliverance magic.

On our Hashtag talk John. #EUTastic #JunkerRules #FederalEUNow #EUisPeace #IHeartEU

It’s a fun game any absurdist can play there you go DaDa!

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