#WikiBallot #WikiTacticalVoting #WikipediaCensorship #WikipediaGateKeepers Personal Destiny Control, Canton Model Direct Democracy.Disintermediation of Political Parties and the State #WikiBallot putting Citizens in touch and in control. #VotersCooperateCombineandRule #TacticalVotingApp

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Wikipedia is a curates Egg, the structure of its editorial policies is pretty arcane, Sourcing is particularly interesting.
It is always worth opening a discussion and a consensus process of information you think is not included in the main encyclopedic article.
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and not a lobbying tool, it’s important to remember that. The Talk pages and edit histories on Wikipedia are a treasure trove of links to highly memory holed material.
I have along with a collaborator set up a Tactical Voting Wiki called WIkiBallot its in development and destined for Web 3,
Everipedia is also an inspiration again Block-chain based.




The Outline of the Wiki which I will get in place over the coming days as proposed in my talk page.




All wiki pages including talk pages have a front page and next to that tab there is a discussion tab which takes you to the Talk discussion with an editor or to the discussion page for the article.

Here is a link to my Wikipedia Talk page and a recent editing discussion on Extinction Rebellion.



Be polite, and welcoming to new users

− Assume good faith

− Avoid personal attacks

− For disputes, seek dispute resolution

Here is a Blog Post I did about my Wikipedia editing approach.



The Web is Big

Distribution of Web Traffic is impossibly concentrated within the very top 1millionth of one percent of The Top 100 websites there are in excess of One Billion Websites and The top 10,000,000 of those ( Ten Million) represent the Top 1% of websites. This Blog Is Ranked as the 21,047,245 websites with its modest 116,000 Unique views and The Golem XIV Blog is currently No 5,762,718 in the charts and The Slog is at 1,865,325. The top 100 Web Sites, The BBC is no 105 to give you some idea, represent the Top 10 to the power of minus 7 that’s .0000001% of Web sites the top 10,000 is the (0.00001%) of websites. ( These Ball Parks are around there being 1 billion sites there are now more like 1 and a quarter Billion.)



In the above plot I have plotted The top 2% of Web sites in Traffic Terms based on the Pageviews for this Blog and also the page views in some of my regular reads. Watts up with That, Off Guardian, and Claes Johnson all have a page view counter on their home pages and the Rankings are obtainable by such online tools as Alexis.It’s not meant to be scientifically Statistically Accurate but a Ball Park To get the idea across of how dominated the Internet is through Concentration of Power into the Big 100. The Distributed WEB of SWARM and IPFS and Zero.net.io  will change all of that in the next Few years, the Disrupters will become the disrupted, does anyone still remember MySpace or Freinds reunited?

graph web hiits

data big webSelection_661


The Above figures are from and the post is from June 2017.





This recent blog post compares Zero Hedge, Huffington Post and The Slog.







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  1. Hi John,

    “History, as Joe Stalin said, is made by those who turn up. Thus far, the 17.4 million have failed miserably to turn up”.


    Date: March 26, 2019
    Author: John Ward
    March 26, 2019 at 10:13 am
    I can elaborate on the simplicity of the technological solution which I am happy to Marshall, of course then its a question of distribution and getting a viral click-through rate, as an Ad man extraordinaire you are just the man
    PM sent.
    At last, some practical ideas. JW

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    April 19, 2019


    I have done what we discussed John and we both know there is a ton of work still to be done to get this framework now into a readily deployablöe format for street teamers.

    I am not a one for Bumper Stickers, my forte is strategic Analysis and Execution of blue sky ideas into new markets.
    I have noticed during the Ten years in which I have pursued several new Business ventures in Music, Music Technology, Finance and Web 3 Distributed Applications that people I encounter in Help forums of a technical nature or a consumer nature are forever found still expounding on how this or that could’ve should’ve would’ve been better, more successful more effective, all the while no discernible contribution emanates from the Armchair ( Mouse Clicking experts.)

    Stage 2 of this process relies on people using the Wiki and generating fault messages and also queries as to what is difficult to use. With that Data, I can then pårogramme the Web 3 Graphical User interface to smooth out the wrinkle in terms of processes which require to great an attention span.





    Just notices social media share disappeared from WikiTactical Voting got to figure out Why?

    Share and adopt a page people.

    Ignore from Here Geeky SE Experiment.

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    #WikiBallot #WikiTacticalVoting #WikipediaCensorship #WikipediaGateKeepers Personal Destiny Control, Canton Model Direct Democracy.Disintermediation of Political Parties and the State #WikiBallot putting Citizens in touch and in contr…
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