New US Grand Geo-Political Strategy and Brexit, Brino and EU Military Unification. The Petro Euro, The Euro Dollar , The Petro Pound Sterling. It’s not the Energy its the Access Oligarchical Turf War on the Energy Access Numbers Raquet. @2013Boodicca #WrongKindofGreen#DistractionRebellion #NGOSockpuppetComplex #LiesBasedInternationalOrder #ConquestofDough



The new Grand Strategy of the United States

Many people think that the United States is very active, but does not succeed in much. For example, it is said that its wars in the Greater Middle East are a succession of failures. But for Thierry Meyssan, the USA has a coherent military, commercial and diplomatic strategy. According to its own objectives, it advances patiently, and is crowned with success.

It is commonly believed in the United States that the country has no Grand Strategy since the end of the Cold War.


The new Grand Strategy of the United States


Panama Wash Frierre 2 (1)



To untangle Brexit you have to disentangle everything else.
The Main Theme of dominant narratives of the 21st Century since 2000, 9/11
war on terror, Climate Beliefs and Haulocaustianity, Denialist Thoughtcrime and thought crime denunciation, Political Correctness, Identity politics, Divide and Rule, Media, Social Media, Censorship, Self-censorship. Peer Pressure Peer review, Star Worship, Cults of personality,

With that list, this list of Wells’s from The fate of Mann quoted in My poem Globalisation Unentangled.

Cabalists, Gnostics, Manichaeans, the Old Man
of the Mountains, Knight Templars, Satanists,
Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Rousseau,
Voltaire, Cagliostro, Madame Blavatsky, Mrs. Besant,
Trade Unions, Anarchists, Socialists, Theosophists,
Communists, Those Bolsheviks, a frightful horde
all plotting and getting hold of power and handing
it on and doing down Christianity and the Christian life
Wells The Fate of Man.p.259





The Pentagon’s New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century is a 2004 book by Thomas P.M. Barnett based around an earlier article he wrote for Esquire magazine. It outlines a new grand strategy for American foreign policy. It is an iteration of a PowerPoint presentation that Barnett has been making for years that is known simply as “The Brief.” Interested parties include the public and private sectors, encompassing military organizations and foreign governments.


1 Systems of rules called Rule-sets reduce violent conflict. Violence decreases as rules are established (e.g., the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding) for dealing with international conflicts.


Global Strike.png

It transpires that the planned Gilet Jaunes Global Strike coincides with a call for children to refuse to attend school on 15th March which is being promoted by some main stream media and the questionable cult group Extinction Rebellion.


The new group, Extinction Rebellion, is another incarnation of Climate Camp and Reclaim the Power. They make money by selling “activist courses” to innocent people. They are astroturfers – fake grass roots and their style comes from the Tavistock Institute or Common Purpose leadership training. (google them if you do not know what they are)

These are the controllers who steer real activists into illegal activities so that they get arrested, a police record and never get a decent job again.
I am serious.






ROAR reminded me of this CIA Teenaged Nija Anarchist Rojova site. are anarchists:

We act in the spirit of autonomy, mutual-aid and solidarity. We have no allegiance to representational politics. To read more about our ideas, check out our library or watch these select videos:
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Cindy Milstein on “Diversity of Tactics” in the Anti-Globalization Movement
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Where is Rojava? What is Rojava?
Anarchists in Rojava announce formation of IRPGF



As Fake as Extinction Rebellion. Welcome to the International Lies Based Order or the NGO Sockpuppet Complex.





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    Trump and the War to Save “the War”
    Lo and behold, a great threat looms over the Middle East. There is nothing worse for the US and its select allies, Britain, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Germany than peace breaking out. Yet exactly that, the “threat of peace” is taken as far more devastating than terrorism.

    America’s biggest enemy in the Middle East today isn’t ISIS, for those who pay attention, more effort has been made by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and to be honest about it, a host of other nations as well, to save ISIS and al Qaeda from the “axis of evil” than any military effort since Vietnam.

  2. War on “conspiracy theories” goes ballistic! Gordon Duff shows his guns on False Flag Weekly News
    By Kevin Barrett – February 3, 201963828
    By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    Our top FFWN story this week was the war on “conspiracy theories.” (Read my new Unz Review article “Why the War on Conspiracy Theories Is Bad Public Policy.”)

    Alan Sabrosky was the scheduled FFWN commentator this week. But less than 24 hours before the live broadcast, he says, “my internet basically died. When my email from Comcast finally connected, I got a huge slew of 300 messages that I had deleted last summer. When I would try to log in, it would sit there and nothing would work. One possible qualifier: I was down on the Gulf Coast, going through a U-verse server, which is not my normal one. So I’m not sure if its a DoS or a comcast/ATT glitch…”

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