UBI, #JohnMcDonnel and #DrGuyStanding , Close but no cigar, What about Money what is Distributism?

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very disappointing in the failure to consider let alone include monetary creation dynamics, focusing on Taxation is a mistake as it ignores debt and usury which is the driving force behind the wealth syphon but also the Growth Paradigm the report is also deluded in its lip service to the Alleged Climate Crisis, the heading of that section is ” Extinction” All in all #TheWrongKindofGreen both in an environmental but also monetary sense, Links in the Twitter thread which links to the full report. Worth reading this is a start albeit a flawed one. https://t.co/SRxLxtbSpW

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiThe amount of taxes is not important whether or not they will be used and they will attain the outcomes we need is important.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiAnd the way to ensure that we will receive the outcomes we need with those taxes is to have competent people with integrity who are really informd about technology.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiThe lack of these three factors (and maybe some more) have made many taxes go away… This is why people dont want to pay and dont believe in paying higher taxes.

Roger LewisBeardley Ruml , Taxation for revenue is obsolete. https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.c…

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiEven when pilots are done and even when they’re über-successful thanks to POLITICS they get reversed to a former and even worse situation.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiGreat speech!

Roger LewisRegarding The Climate Giant? emissions is a red herring carbon trading schemes damage the environment , See Clive Spashes work

Roger LewisThe Green New deal is a faulty preserver of privileged not on that encourages the personal destiny control mentioned. #WrongKindofGreen. https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.c…

Roger LewisReject the carbon currency end game Distributive Money creation models not re destributive taxes.

Lucas DavenportWe need to reintroduce natural selection. Our genetics are far inferior to those of 1850. We are becoming pond life by propping up poor genetics that would have been removed from the gene pool

Truthful ChapLucas Davenport, harsh but true.

Lucas DavenportLabour has made this all worse

Roger LewisI Like Guy Standing my objection is the question of Money creation and positive interest rates are not examined Helmuth Kreutz, Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Leitaer understood these questions

Truthful ChapUniversal Basic Income is not going to solve the issue of Pareto distributions.

Lucas DavenportIntelligent people will save and invest their UBI, meaning wealth disparity will continue

Roger Lewishttps://longhairedmusings.wordpress.c… #WrongKindofGreen

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiContiniuing to execute a non-working system (or better yet a system which has repeadetly prooved that is destructive because it isnt working) is to create that destruction, deliberately.

Truthful Chapthe Labour Party under Blair set up the machinery used by The Work Programme, w*nkers!

Morinaka25you need universal basic services paired with UBI, or people will just end up back in poverty

Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi“Why should we pay higher taxes? So they can create more of that destruction for us?” People may think…

Lucas DavenportShe’s describing the pond life right now

Truthful Chap10% of the population have an IQ < 83.

Roger LewisLucas its 9 years since labour were in Power?

Morinaka25ehh if you can call new labour actually labour

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiI have many radical ideas. I can help. With pleasure.

Lucas DavenportThe Tories dare not reverse Labour changes since their first ever government in the 1900s. Tories as much to blame, but Labour are all ways first movers on bad policy

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiGreat speech!

Truthful Chapthe re-named A4E which defrauded the DWP on The Work Program now have the contract for Offender Education. God help us!

Roger LewisEnergy Economics, Dangerous Exponential s Energy and prosperity https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.c…

Morinaka25yeah private companies running essential services is a recipe for fraud and misery

Roger Lewishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ffKR… The Unpolishable Turd.

Lucas DavenportWhy? We trust private companies with most services we use.

Truthful ChapUBI doesn’t give people the sense of AGENCY.

Roger LewisMilliband really is clueless. https://notthegrubstreetjournal.com/

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiUBI is a good start but it’s not the whole answer. Unless people will be able to buy their basic needs with that UBI it’s useless.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiMoney is just a trading-tool. If we’re gonna do the UBI we must also make sure that that UBI will be able to get people their basic needs.

Morinaka25that’s why you need universal basic services as well, UBI will just end up in landlords pockets otherwise

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiSuper-true! Morinaka25


Scott MurtoTime Banking and Mutual Aid Networks, check ’em out, guys!

Truthful ChapIf the Pareto distribution is exponential then the wealth tax has to reflect that. Much of our IQ is “unearned” and is an accident of birth.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiVery true!

Scott Murtoe.g. in Hull-East Riding


John KearnsMiliband looks constipated

Roger Lewishttp://leconomistamascherato.blogspot… THE SWISS HOT BED OF ANARCHIST DEMOCRACY AND CYNICAL BANKERS

GibberishJunkeewho do you love

Truthful ChapNo one cares about male suicide, except Phil Davies and Sargon of Akkad.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiAll humans are entitled to a dignified life. And this can be done with a well-designed system. Whether it’s name is UBI or X or Y.

Brooklyn Style ☑️Balderdash

GibberishJunkeebring the guap out

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiBravo!

Roger Lewis#MagicMoneyTree does exist and distributism Belloc/Chesterton gets to the heart of the matter. #WrongKindofGreen https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.c…

Roger LewisRetreaded old Piffle from an Elite fabian . Please spare us this Dynastic rubbish.

Roger LewisUBI is necessary and should be dealt with by Distributism at money creation level. Usury is the problem the unseen thief of prosperity

Roger Lewis#MMT’s will be frothing Job Guarantee or UBI. UBI i prefer but both sides ignore Usury and money creation. #WrongkindofGreen

Roger Lewis#ConquestofDough https://theconquestofdough.weebly.com/

Roger Lewishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=195HT… #MMT #GreenNewDeal #WrongkindofGreen

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiTrue!

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiYes. Tangible results.

Truthful ChapI like the idea that UBI is like being a shareholder in your own country.

Peter Jolliffea basic income is a useless idea ..it MUST be made financially worthwhile for (fit and healthy) people to start sharing the jobs we NEED people to do and enjoy working LESS.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiUBI is a good start but hating the elites and forcing them to pay higher taxes especially when they themselves think and know +

Petek Demircioğlu Çelebi+ that they can create more social welfare with it than the Governments can create is not going to work either.

Peter Jolliffeyou don’t pay people to do nothing …you pay them to share the jobs and let people start to enjoy working LESS

Peter JolliffeThere is no such thing as a shortage of jobs…there is only a shortage of people sharing the work!!!!

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiThis would result in: capital flight which is even worse for the overall social wellfare. It’s a very delicate balance.

Peter JolliffePeople have to escape from this stupid idea that jobs have to be around 40 hours or more a week….and then there would be no such thing as a shortage of jobs

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiYes. Economic output is not about time spent. Its about: production. Looking t it from that point and calculating it with time will cause the productivity to drop.

Petek Demircioğlu ÇelebiGreat panel! Thank you! Enjoyed it very much!

Peter Jolliffewhats the point of all the robots and automation taking over the work if the people who do still have jobs never get to enjoying working any LESS…

Peter Jolliffestupid humans can’t think of simply sharing the jobs and working LESS.



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