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I am building a publishing platform on Web 3 and David is interested in serialising and monetising some of his back catalogues on the platform.
There is a Search engine Optimisation angle in that the authors and filmmakers hosted on our platform will need to leverage their legacy web presence to help get old readers to adopt web 3, largely IPFS.

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GcMAF – the cancer cure the world has waited for

• If put in Britain’s NHS, GcMAF would save 120,000 lives a year.
• GcMAF is a safe, natural human protein, and a human right. Its inside 5 billion people.
• Cancer and 50 other diseases block its production in the body (with the poison of nagalase).
• 11,500 patients have taken it
• 9,000 successes. When it fails, GcMAF just does nothing.
• 400 doctors support it
240 doctors obtained GcMAF directly from us, and about 100 recommended GcMAF. We have contact details.
We were 1% the cost of chemotherapy, but gave it away free to those who couldn’t afford it.

• There are over 1,000 GcMAF research papers on Google Scholar
• 300 scientists have written 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers, published in the worlds top scientific journals.
• We had 4 scientists, the most senior being Professor Marco Ruggiero MD, 7 doctors, two ultrasound staff, 4 nurses, and admin staff, when the MHRA closed us down.
GcMAF successfully treats all tumour cancers, which is 90% of cancers
75% of terminal stage IV patients lives saved in our clinics.

The American National Library of Medicine, or Pubmed has 70 GcMAF papers peer reviewed for the second time:
Here is a quick proof of GcMAF (you only need read the abstract at the top of each research paper):




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