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Monday, 18 May 2015

The Game – Essential knowledge

There is one object to the Game – To get Rent!

Then become a Master at it, find The Key and get to NextLevel, where life is more valuable than wealth, finally.

This is largely achieved by acquiring secure exclusive possession to as much of the surface area of GameWorld as possible by any means, and then to collect it’s ever rising rental stream.

If you are a really wise trader, you’ll be aware of the timing needed to flip your property assets. Eventually if you are a leading GameMaster you will reach a level where you can start making loans secured against the value of real estate, known as DeadHands. Ultimately you may reach Elite status where you can write credit notes representing bundles of 1000’s of DeadHands and trade them on permanently with no guarantee nor insurance required.

In GameWorld rent is the only asset that rises in value. All other assets fall in comparison. Its also the only tax free asset. And the only asset bailed out by government of all sides and ideologies. Any player trading other assets is certain to end up a Slave. Its all priced in… to The Game.

There’s a dangerous FakeWorld myth circulating that talks about a popular game played there called Monopoly. The Game operates something like that so the myth goes.  For anyone talking about it in public it’s instant GameOver.

Eventually the Game reaches a stage where it can no longer sustain itself due to all the rents being of higher value than all the other assets, goods and services being made and traded. This is the point where the biggest profits of all are available to the smart investor. As the pyramid collapses most of the DeadHands will fall to close to zero value. This is the time for the Game Master to buy up as many as possible and hold out for a short time for them to be bailed out by TaxFines and Slaves.

This is the time when rents rise more than ever compared to all other assets. Soon the DeadHands will exceed pre crash levels and your portfolio will be priceless overnight often rising 5 or 6 times in value within a single Saros.
Any good GameWriter will try their best not to define terms and rules too clearly. That way the players who are winning, Game Masters, can use this player granted power to understand how to play better, a great advantage over the rest, and then misdirect other players to get even further ahead.

For skilful and thoughtful players who do “read the manual” we’ll give some hints to help you become one of these better players ahead of the others.

We’re not doing this as a gift or for reward for anything. If you find yourself here you must be seeking this knowledge. We have it, so are obliged to give it to you for free. Believers who do not genuinely look will not understand it even if it’s given to them:

    • GameWorld – a dystopian setting in which The Game is played
    • BoilerRoom – a trading floor where foolish players play and then complain when their gamble loses
    • FakeWorld – a utopian world that makes no sense in The Game
    • GamePlay – how you choose to play the game, for better or worse
    • The Field – where all trade and exchange takes place, markets
    • Rent – your score in the game, aka wealth or money in FakeWorld
    • RentSeeking – the skilful art of getting a higher score
    • Tokens – what players buy things with, a useful proxy for Rent
    • Pyramid – any business activity not involving work or investment of Tokens
    • DeadHand – a loan to buy rental streams, secured against the value of them!
    • InfiniteEvidence – highly addictive drug used to avoid reality and block potential vision of The Key
    • GameVault – a private enterprise for the safe keeping of your Tokens
    • Saros – standard cycle of play in GameWorld, the Game’s business cycle
    • Jubillee – the disastrous trap door, that if opened, zeros all Rent instantly
    • FameHall – history of celebrity players
    • Master – the best RentSeekers in GameWorld who eventually find The Key
    • Slave – the worst RentSeekers, always complaining about the rules
    • BadPlay – the hard work and poorly invested savings of a Slave
    • GoodPlay – the skilful art of RentSeeking attributed to the best players
    • Blindness – the faith that money is wealth or land is capital
    • RankClosing – Slaves foolishly joining forces to asset strip a Master
    • BuyPower – the rate per Saros at which Tokens change value
    • SubRewards – any windfall or subsidy used to encourage GoodPlay
    • TaxFines – punishment for BadPlay used to fund GameWorld social functions
    • TaxEvasion – a game skill second only to RentSeeking, privately respected, publicly frowned on
    • Rigulation – licensing favouring GoodPlay, keeping BadPlay off the Field
    • MythTruth – secret knowledge of free entry to a Pyramid
    • ReligioFact – trap doors used to trip players
    • The Olds – information on what is changing in GameWorld
    • AntiSocialMedia – the regulated machine that delivers The Olds
    • Drugs – generally food, protection and AntiSocialMedia
    • Medicine – any substance used to expand the mind and enhance GamePlay
    • AntiSocialEnterprise – play protected by IllFare, JobCreation or FakeCharity
    • IllFare – any play that donates Tokens to Slaves rent free
    • JobCreation – the power to grant or deny others the right to play
    • FakeCharity – pretending to “help others” in exchange for Tokens
    • PsychOlogy – propaganda, ‘language of the soul’, secret game knowledge
    • Knowledge – necessary to play well independently and without protection
    • Faith – wanting to believe in what someone else believes
    • SpiritWealth – GamePlay with the balls to affirm difficult realities on The Field
    • SpiritPoor – all other GamePlay
    • The Forest – a refuge where players near to GameOver may find The Key
    • Doors – places of major opportunity, opened with a large risk of GameOver
    • The Key or RedPill – the answer to The Game, how to get to NextLevel
    • NextLevel – all Players know where it is but are forbidden from talking about it
    • GameOver – death. Its OK, you can be reborn and start from scratch
    • SpecialMission – a test of authenticity all masters must undertake before entry to NextLevel. Not for the feint hearted


  • Andy – a robot servant which thinks it is human. AKA android, replicant  robot, zombie and so on
  • Socialist, Capitalist, Libertarian, Christian – players wanting NextLevel for themselves, GameOver for others
  • GreenMan – player willing to sacrifice many other players “to get the job done”
  • Heretic – anyone weird who mentions FakeWorld, The Key or NextLevel
  • Charlatan – a Slave masquerading as a Heretic
  • BladeRunner – a Slave paid for ‘retiring’ Masters, never finds the key, and ends up a Slave being chased by BladeRunners
  • Pharisee – seat of intellectual respect used to indict Heretics – High Priest
  • Quixana – player who finds The Key just before GameOver, too late!
  • GateKeeper – subordinate to a Pharisee, who uses intellect to obscure The Key
  • Vampire – changeling, whistleblower who tricks players into bankruptcy
  • Campaigner – mentally sick player who believes in conspiracy theory
  • Neo – a mythical FakeWorld character who possesses all Game knowledge
  • PsychOpath – a Robin Hood who wants ‘to be seen’ for his good deeds at any cost. A “syke”
  • Quark – slave masquerading as a master, usually really nice guys
  • Operative – public or private sector civil servant, usually MidClass players
  • MidClass – borderline slaves still playing more for a Master than them self

Play well. This is The Game.

Author: rogerglewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.

16 thoughts on “The Game – Essential knowledge (Melt Fund On IPFS)

  1. I found Monopoly boring and 2 hours too long. May have just been me and my family but somehow it wasn’t for me …now the real world, that I do find interesting! What is real though? Whatever we decide to see. If we turn a blind eye, the real world is still there but is formed by those with their eyes open.

    1. Hi Alison, sorry not to have replied sooner, I have been sending myself slowly barmy getting all the web 3 stuff I am doing working.
      Board games are very popular here in Sweden, I used to enjoy Chess but dice and move games have not really ever interested me either.
      The story of Monopoly is very interesting though.
      “Monopoly is derived from The Landlord’s Game created by Lizzie Magie in the United States in 1903 as a way to demonstrate that an economy which rewards wealth creation is better than one where monopolists work under few constraints,[1] and to promote the economic theories of Henry George—in particular his ideas about taxation.[3] It was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935. The game is named after the economic concept of monopoly—the domination of a market by a single entity”.from Wikipedia,

      Heres to more folk opening their eyes.

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