THE BREXIT BOIL BURSTS: Corbyn pulls out of cross-Party talks, May begs Tories to give her time, Johnson goes for No 10 & Jeremy Hunt sees victory in his grasp

The Slog.


Today marks something of a turning point in the ongoing battle to rescue Britain from the multivariate curse of supranational bloc colonialism and ideological blindness.


First up was the latest YouGov voting intention poll – for once, the sort of voter feedback that delivers a clear picture of what’s now coming to pass:


Alright – it might not look clear at first sight, but what the above chart shows is how the UK electorate is gradually retreating into what one might call ‘Opinion Redoubts’.

The Liberal Democrats – being the most unequivocally illiberal and undemocratic Party in favour of ignoring The People – are picking up support from (most probably) quite a few Tory Labour Remainers. The LibDems are now 1 point above Labour.

The Brexit Party (having trounced UKIP) is consolidating its lead (more than twice the votes of any other single Party) but the surge is…

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