MAY TO RESIGN ON JUNE 7th: why this gives Nigel Farage an even bigger hill to climb. Coriolanus, Brush Up Your Shakespeare. #EndofMay #OnGoingCoup #EUMilitaryUnification

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@chrisbarclay6296 I agree with your analysis, my only quibble is that whilst Nigel Farage is the Figurehead and opening Bat for the Brexit Party is clearly not Nigel Farage Building it, for that I think one needs to look at the Anglo American Waspish contingent largely prevalent in the Pentagon, I.e The Military Industrial Complex Rater than the State Department and the Langley / NSA crews , that is the Spooks. There is a split in the Oligarchy and Farage and Bojo are in separate factions of the Military Industrial Complex,
Rory Stewart is an interesting Blind side candidate whose dad was Q ( Technical Director of MI6) and Deputy to M. He will be Sedwills guy, Boris clearly will not be and Farage is not either.


Lance De Haven and Charles Pidgen, the next time some intellectual snob dis´s your suggestion that not all that people learn from History Books or NewsPapers is the truth, point them at these two gentlemen.

In Part 1, I contend (using Coriolanus as my mouthpiece) that Keeley and Clarke have failed to show that there is anything intellectually suspect about conspiracy theories per se. Conspiracy theorists need not commit the ‘fundamental attribution error’ there is no reason to suppose that all or most conspiracy theories constitute the cores of degenerating research programs, nor does situationism – a dubious doctrine in itself – lend any support to a systematic skepticism about conspiracy theories. In Part 2. I argue (in propria persona) that the idea that there is something suspect about conspiracy theories is one of the most dangerous and idiotic superstitions to disgrace our political culture.

If the great and powerful had the beneficence and wisdom of Gods, then all this would have been well: if with a greater knowledge of what is good for the people, they had as great a care for their interest as they have themselves, if they were seated above the world, sympathizing with the welfare, but not feeling the passions of men, receiving neither good nor hurt from them, but bestowing their benefits as free gifts on them, they might then rule over them like another Providence. But this is not the case. Coriolanus is unwilling that the senate should show their ‘cares’ for the people, lest their ‘cares’ should be construed into ‘fears’, to the subversion of all due authority; and he is no sooner disappointed in his schemes to deprive the people not only of the cares of the state, but of all power to redress themselves, than Volumnia is made madly to exclaim:

Now the red pestilence strike all trades in Rome,
And occupations perish.

The care of the state cannot, we here see, be safely entrusted to maternal affection, or to the domestic charities of high life. The great have private feelings of their own, to which the interests of humanity and justice must curtsy. Their interests are so far from being the same as those of the community, that they are in direct and necessary opposition to them; their power is at the expense of our weakness; their riches of our poverty; their pride of our degradation; their splendour of our wretchedness; their tyranny of our servitude. If they had the superior knowledge ascribed to them (which they have not) it would only render them so much more formidable; and from Gods would convert them into Devils. The whole dramatic moral of Coriolanus is that those who have little shall have less, and that those who have much shall take all that others have left. :IBID



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