“As X famously observed . . .”,A big tweet from a “twattering” class, Foghorns, Loudhailers, echo chambers and Milkshakes. Rinse and Repeat! Aphorisms, Uk EU Elections 2019 even less relevant than the EU Eu Elections 2019 .

Renault.. Plus ça change, plus ça vende la même chose SEXY FORM TO PROMOTIONATE SELL CARS
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The absurdity of a proxy election being analysed; with incomplete data and extrapolated to future events, regarding constitutional matters perhaps even of life and death and war and peace. When the body to which the elected people are to be sent is a toothless sheen of lipstick upon the fascist Pig which is the EU, and a flawed institution from which the electorate has already voted to secede from is perhaps reflected in the low turnout in the UK this time again, and historically.
 The Jamboree in Europe itself with a turnout a little over 50 % still barely manages to apply the coat of democracy paint beloved of Potemkin and Catherine the great, the UK farce with a turnout being of course much lower demonstrates the art of British irony, at best it’s an Establishment Pratfall.


Perhaps what it really tells us is the people who choose not to vote are actually the more articulate, why participate in what is only really a show, a pretence designed merely to give some sort of legitimacy to something with no democratic legitimacy what so ever.

On Sunday, the European Parliament will be transformed into a big media hub where around 1,300 journalists will follow and report from the elections.

“The media interest for these elections has been much higher than for previous elections. We never had so many journalists registered for the election night. This clearly demonstrates the growing importance of this trans-national democratic exercise, which is unique in the world” said Jaume Duch, spokesperson of the European Parliament mentioning also the more than 200 journalists coming from non-EU countries, including 54 from the US and 21 from Japan and 20 from China.

The Appearance of Democracy must be seen to be done?

“the hemicycle has been equipped with 110 TV stand-up positions – of which 55 positions in the chamber, 45 live positions for radio stations”

More facts

Of the almost 1300 journalists to be present:

  • 770 TV journalists representing 195 TV stations
  • 260 journalists from print and online outlets
  • 170 press agency reporters and
  • 70 radio journalists
  • Stand up stage in the back of the hemicycle: 420m² ( 3 levels )

  • 90 broadband connections (10MB) for broadcast transmission

  • 160 analogue lines for audio communication

  • 64 trucks registered for the parking area to load/unload material

One suspects that the metrics of the hardware and personnel are pretty much as close to facts as will appear in the news feeds and earnest pieces to camera emanating from the Standup Boxes.


So very little has changed since 2016, I think the prelim or predicate in the article by Yannis nails the reasons why.” The process any member state must follow to exit the EU is governed by Article 50 of the bloc’s Lisbon Treaty, which, ironically, was authored by a British diplomat keen to deter exits from the EU. ”

The EU has hardened its stance on Federalism of a very curious sort More Brussels and less Europe federalism with an ECB and Commission that simply does not allow subsidiarity in questions of monetary policy which is causing the French and Italian problems going on at the moment for which Mr Macron and Mssrs Tusk and Junker seem so blissfully in denial of. Karl Bildt was prescient in these pages here https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/remaking-post-brexit-european-union-by-carl-bildt-2016-07# on these questions more generally.
The importance of Subsidiarity and the competencies of the commission are highlighted in this blog.

Another problem is the question of EU military unification a process which has continued under the radar of the Brexit Fuss. https://twitter.com/PMotels/status/1085107914216480768

So its as we were. Democracy Unfolded Emergent Reality of Brexit. (a poem)


What is the direction of travel and the main narrative embedded in the Narrative of the past 40 years? The Rules-Based International Order or ( New World Order ) Narratives.

1. Globalisation and Urbanisation.

2.Petro Dollar Hegemony. Addiction to Oil.

3. Man Made Global Warming

4. Overshoot Overpopulation

5. Elitism, Starfucking worship of ”The Elites** Submission to Judgement by Experts?


Hierarchy and Fascism – How the Ruling Few are Destroying Democracy

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Most people of course will recite the “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” when asked what they recall of the document but mine would be the lines that follow:

“That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”

This says everything. Our rights are unalienable. And the only purpose of government is to secure these rights.

So why is it, how is it, that government is the very thing which we find ourselves defending against its tyranny?

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I really do get annoyed when any remain voter talks about funding. People’s Vote declared one donation during the 2017 general election. It was for £82,822.45 a figure which coincidentally translates to €100,000 (at the time) which is why the figure is a random number. 1/
This donation came from a company called “Ferring” based in Glasgow which only makes about 3 times that figure annually, they donated 1/3rd of their entire earnings in 2017 to People’s vote… apparently. 2/
Or you can be honest, and look at their parent company which is Ferring Pharmaceuticals, which turn over £2bn annually, founded in Sweden and operates all over the EU. So it would appear that foreign money was funding campaigns, only the Remain campaign People’s vote, not leave.
Obviously, the electoral commission will not be investigating this, the media have largely ignored it, and the same will have happened during the latest campaign period. While the Brexit party have already been criticised and demands already made for their funding to be checked. 4/
We have evidence that the remain campaign accepted a €100,000 donation in the general election which is a criminal matter, not an administrative one. So as the results are announced, and the Russian funding claims are made with nothing to substantiate them, just highlight this.

There is now evidence that the EU (via companies it funds) have donated to Remain campaigns in the following;

1. EU referendum.
2. 2017 General Election.

How long until the evidence shows the interference in these EU elections? 6/

No one on the Remain side will care, they will ignore this because “EU good”. This is what will hurt them though, huge multinational evil pharmaceutical company working in conjunction with EU (who are a lobbyist bloc) to try and subvert democracy in the U.K. 7/
So do they admit they back the big cooperations that they complain about constantly? Or do they step back and see what the majority of us see about the EU. House of Cards (slight exaggeration) in real life. Faux democracy, and all about the interests of big established companies!
I’m guessing the standard defence, will kick in, they’ll block, resort to insults, or completely ignore what has been said and ask about the “crimes” of the leave campaign then ignore the point that there is still yet to be a single conviction (or charge) made. 8/

Oh well, it’s Sunday. Today we get to see the results, the complaints it wasn’t a fair vote etc… basically broken down into the following 3 traditions of those that lose in a democratic vote these days;

1. Call the other side cheats and say that they didn’t follow the rules.

2. Organise a protest (Monday obviously) to demand the vote is ignored and the losing side’s decision is implemented.

3. Ignore all implications of the vote and try and pass the reason of the vote onto another area of policy “they only voted “x” because of Austerity”

That’s my Sunday rant, in summary, we have a pattern for losing votes and there is mounting evidence against the Remain side for electoral lawbreaking that can only be suppressed for so long. The truth will out. Next thread, how not to put up a shelf in a home office.



Are we there yet? insert, Churchills this is the end of the beginning speech here.

Misrepresenting what I have said, and resorting to pure imaginings to set up straw men are not mere exaggerations, they are dishonest and have not clarified anything.



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