Bellew V Haye , The Rematch, The 2018 Local Elections. Bread and Circuses , Spin and Metaphor. #JoshuavRuiz #HugeHeavyWeightUpset #Brinononono #BrexitParty #ELites still not getting it!!



I could easily re-write this and caste it with Ruiz, Joshua, Trump, Bilderberg, Anonymous elites and people believing their own BS.
Instead a Picture.

And Another Older Blog.


Not The Grub Street Journal

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Bellew V Haye, The Rematch, 
The 2018 Local Elections.
Bread and Circuses, Spin and Metaphor.


Tony Bellew Last night gave us all a lesson in Substance over Spin and Hype, a superlative Boxer showed how the sweet science will always demand that the empirical evidence gives notice when only the Gloves are left to do the talking.

Bellew fought an impeccable match, His footwork, timing and head and body movement was an exhibition of a truly great boxer a lighter faster man defying the Leviathan of David Haye.
Make no Mistake David Haye is and has been a superb athletic Fighter, no ifs and buts, Two World Class fighters Graced the Ring in the O2 Arena Last night and the better man on the night won.

As a metaphor for the Local Elections and last…

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