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This is the current state of my current project, which is really an analogue of the current phoney war of fake news, and Internet censorship. Hopefully, some more news and positive proposals will be in place sometime in June.


Amy James presents Open Index Protocol at the Texas Bitcoin Conference

Think of the internet as 3 stages of development;
1. Legacy (Http, .com, .co.uk etc,)
2. Cloud, Gen 2, .io, Uses HTTP but the content is hosted at multiple servers,
3.. Web 3, Using Blockchain and peer to peer distribution.
The race between .io cloud-based web2 and web 3 peer to peer networked web is, to use the hackneyed old analogy, the Betamax v VHS battle of the 2020s. or mini disc v cd etc.
OIPAlexandria is the front runner for web 3 right now, I am due to talk with its CEO, Devon, tomorrow, I am hoping to come to an agreement to develop a Europe based Alexandria covering Digital Media with order fulfilment for analogue, Discs, Books, Artwork, Even Magazines.
The IO leader as far as mass adoption platforms are these people.
https://elgg.org/about  Minds is built on top of “elgg” this https://www.minds.com/Tonefreqhz
Then there are things like Steemit, and Bitchute and bittube which deliver content live on the distributed web 3 and have varying degrees of Monetisation sophistication.https://blog.joystream.org/sparta/ and Joystream
https://blog.joystream.org/ Apparently Sparta broke and Athens has been re-settled, All roads lead to Alexandria it seems.
Thinking out loud here, this is cutting edge stuff and the decision of whether to choose “elgg” or “OIP” is a key one,
tokenisation is a trivial aspect, in my opinion, functionality from https://www.coinpayments.net/index.php  means that providing free promo tokens which are readily available in legacy web and having marketing tokens on a blockchain seems like a waste of resources to me. see Rouge tokens for one instance of this, https://rouge.network/solutions
On IPFS getting content to be interactive is still a non-trivial problem, IPNS and using a server-based domain can ameliorate the problem but of course, the Cloudflare servers are a point of DDos and potential state censorship interference. you have not instaled IPFS and do not have an IPFS daemon running you will not be able to open the above link.
This is on the face of it a small problem but switching out of mail clients and social media such as Twitter, Google and Facebook require a bridge and that bridge will be in place for some considerable time a decade or two at a guess, but who knows?
so, for now, that link is here and subject to take down
Individual blogging and stand-alone web sites on Web 3 will not trouble the powers that be even quite popular ones, the problem of censorship starts if people really take notice and where the content starts cutting through to
the top 5-10,000 web sites worldwide view counts fall off dramatically and most of the revenue in the web and audience attention is concentrated in the top few thousand web sites.


A game anyone can play, I will end there for now and will solidify some further thoughts and conclusions later.

regarding censorship.
https://gcmaf.se/  this is hosted in Sweden because every other place in the world would have blocked the servers,




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