1 thought on “PETERBOROUGH & TBP: Will the lessons be learned?

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX8kf_-aJj4

    Roger Lewis
    1 second ago
    Excellent analysis and also link to Brays blog also useful. Hitchens is very strong on the un-conservatism of the Conservatives and the Establishment seems to be suiciding our Parliamentary Democracy in the rush to assist the establishment of the EU 5th Reich, The 4th Reich is actually here in Sweden. The Slog has been making the same point you make here that Nigel doesn’t get the grassroots and making the Brexit party a single issue One trick pony is a schoolboy error( or is it deliberate?) https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.com/2019/06/07/peterborough-tbp-will-the-lessons-be-learned/
    On Blairite Feminism, this is a new category for me which watching your videos has introduced me too. I am persuaded by Bruce Charlton’s definition of PC which amounts to something similar. I am of the generation that remembers Rick in the young ones declaring that he was a Feminist, its the only way to get any nooky, this Lind Belos video I felt was very good on the misguidedness of the Millenial feminism which is really just Dykes in brown shirts really. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0gnRSH8m8CQX/
    ´´The moral universe of PC subsists on two distinct realities – good causes and good intentions, but never the twain can stay stuck-together.
    (Note the lack of reference to good outcomes. Being wholly abstract, PC is indifferent to outcomes. ‘Outcomes’ are regarded as having no autonomous reality, but are merely seen as part of abstract theory.)´´http://thoughtprison-pc.blogspot.se/
    Thanks for posting your reaction, I think the news cycle is finding it hard to produce any sensible commentary as they did after the Brexit vote, they are out of touch and the pre-prepared narratives just do not work.

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