Shame, grace and reputation.

3 D Jobs is a great description. This blog is great Chaffers. I am surprised there are so few comments on the other hand not as it must be shadowbanned to fuck and back #MeToo

Red Pill UK

As my last post was about rape probably worth discussing how not to be raped. And no, we won’t be discussing male chastity belts or avoiding areas where a violent homosexual might happen to be lurking. Despite the feminist propaganda, such things are highly unlikely.

First off, if a Perfect Rapist enters your life, and especially if you have a family and children, there is nothing unmanly about running for the hills. Just remember to take your family with you. You wouldn’t be alone, hundreds flee to Southern Ireland every year to get away from the feminist police, the SS, and their abuse.


The very antithesis of feminism, one could easily argue that the religions of the last 2000 years have been busily teaching grace in their various ways, and that they only differ in their interpretations of such, only to roll over and die as soon as a…

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