The poor poorer and the rich richer

via The poor poorer and the rich richer

Posthumous Guest Post. Jud Evans (RIP).Jud Lays out His epistemological Position in all its glory. (Repost from June 2013, updated links to Juds writings and intellectual legacy)

 Evolution is an unconscious, incognisant, uncaring, unplanned process. If it were true, that genes used morals as a cloak for sex then ironically it would position the very advocates and organisations which urge decent moral behaviour upon us as the very ones promoting strategies leading to sexual behaviour – that such sexual intercourse should remain within the parameters of couplings sanctioned by the church makes little difference to the incongruity of such a situation for the Rusean message:

‘Be nice to others and you will get more nookie,’ has the same message whichever way you look at it.

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