The People, eh…..what do THEY know? Bozzer the Slapped Arse candidate. #Binonono #BuntoThomson #Is Bunto Boris?

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Why Steve Baker is Supporting Boris I have no Idea.


Boris almost had me at the start I thought he was being sincere but fresh off the 350 million quid a week for the NHS wheeze, post-Brexit &; plastered all over the side of a Bus. And given the scant acquaintance old Bozzer seems to have with telling the truth, I remained unhooked but admit almost lured. But then ‘the tell’, the giveaway, everything was,´´ especially the blame of the Assad regime´´, who could possibly see them as the part of any solution? They alone responsible for the ´´greater part of the 400,000 deaths in Syria” and on and on he went with his own curious set of facts, and with an awed equine mastication of the acronym UNGA, after all, Caligula had done much the same and a borrowed fact here and there, who could possibly notice?

In Chapter 5 of My Novel the Character

Bunto Thompson his old Burlington buddy had been busy spinning artifices at the UN earlier, having risen to Foreign secretary ad narrowly missing out on the Premiership. It had been Bunto who had cleared the way for Rog to get the Marina Contract in Tripoli Libya, it had been a shame that the Crimea deal had fallen through. Their fathers had also greatly profited back in the day with the Marina Deal in Split.

The friendly guns have done their bit.
Shock doctrine strikes! Now dig that pit!
We’ll build a massive mall right here, and you can work in it.
Once you clear the bodies.

© Luke Wright. 4.10.17

I am beginning to think that Boris and Farage are part of the Establishments plan to completely hamstring the Parliamentary Democracy process and Constitution of the UK and N.Ireland.

Either way a loss of sovereignty will be involved On the one Hand by Remains to the EU and By The Boris and Nige show To the USA.

#PDC and Tactical voting is the only way to achieve a Sovereign Parliament loyal to the people, with Baker supporting Boris things really do get a little Difficult to see clearly at this point.

freddie starr live and very funny

from 60:36
I saw Gove described as ‘a post coital penis, slimy, wet and good for nothing’.


Unless Boris is caught in necrophilic flagrante delicto with a non-binary otter while simultaneously strangling a handful of children

EXCLUSIVE – Stormy Daniels Details Sex with Donald Trump
picks which mushroom resembles Trump’s penis the most from a line-up Jimmy provided for her. @9.07


I replied ‘Probably not the best greenkeeper’.

Oh You are Awful.


The Slog.

metalk The ever-increasing shades of grey in the world we inhabit are considerably less beguiling than any paperback clitlit erotica. If the Conservatives decide they can replace a colourful hero candidate who has dark grey clouds over his head with a grey lightweight zero, then they richly deserve to die.


While Whitehall mandarins, Tory donors and hard-core Conservative/Labour Remoanoids rush panicking along the corridors of power at the thought of The Blond Bonker becoming Leader, YouGov has been asking thousands of voters up and down the country what they make of the Eton mess.

When it comes to the mass electability of Conservative topdogs these days, all things are comparative. So even if BoJo is far from perfect in the eyes of the myriad unelected élites, things could be a whole lot worse.

He is the Party’s most famous politician at 97%, and comes first for fame among all…

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