#152: Stuffed, Dr tim Morgans View. Deutsche Bank To Launch €50 Billion “Bad Bank” Housing Billions In Toxic Derivatives Zero Hedge on Sajid Javid old Firm? Financial Competence, erm? #WriggleRoom #ConquestofDough

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Deutsche Bank To Launch €50 Billion “Bad Bank” Housing Billions In Toxic Derivatives

Just last week, Jeff Gundlach – in his latest DoubleLine investor call – cracked jokes that Deutsche Bank’s imploding stock, which has been hitting fresh all time lows virtually every day, has a major support area at €0.

Once again, he was on to something because now, just a few days later, the FT reports that the bank which was this close to nationalization in 2016, and failed to consummate a merger with that “other” German bank, Commerzbank, is preparing to roll out Plan Z: amid a deep overhaul of its trading operations (read: mass terminations), the biggest German lender is set to roll out a “bad bank” holding some €50 billion in toxic assets, in a plan that was quite popular in the depths of the global financial crisis.

Meanwhile, as part of CEO Christian Sewing’s ongoing restructuring of DB away from investment bank, “the bank’s equity and rates trading businesses oustide continental Europe will be severely shrunk or closed entirely as part of the revamp”, while managers are also set to unveil a new focus on transaction banking and private wealth management.

Of course, it will hardly come as a surprise that the German bank best known for housing €43.5 trillion in gross derivatives notional (something we first pointed out way back in 2013)…

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… will stuff its “bad bank”, known internally also as “the non-core asset unit”, with – drumroll – long-dated derivatives.

Here’s how I’ll get us out of the EU by October 31st – no ifs, no buts, no excuses


Sajid Javid

Don’t listen to those who say that the EU is dug in, that it won’t shift its position. Listen to what the BBC’s Europe Correspondent Katya Adler said on Wednesday night:

“EU leaders want to avoid a no-deal Brexit, so there is a bit of wiggle room if they think a wiggle could do the trick. “

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