The Clinton Thumb and the Bed Wetting Tory Wets.Thumbing through the Tory Leaderships Clinton Thumb Chops.


Owen Smith complained of Red Tories in the Labour Leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. I made this video at the time demonstrating the professional politician’s deployment of this secret Clinton weapon, one can only imagine how expertly the present gaggle of wets and red tories and die-hard Bremoaners are with Clinton’s other favourite weapons of mass seduction. The Lewinsky Cigar, Not inhaling and of course No really meaning Yes.


So let’s look at the runners and their Clinton Thumb Technique.

Rory the Tory Boy, lost the 3rd round his showing probably reflects his non-starter in the Clinton thumb stakes. Shortly before Goves masterfull cold porridge thumb, Rory parried pointed and looked to almost form a thumb like contortion.  But yet, he failed to keep a grip of the pose and clearly needs more practice. No doubt he will apologise to his constituents and more than likely get lessons from Ummana when he, too, joins the Lib Dems.


Boris displays his magnificent opposing digit clearly warming up for the coming combat.


In action, Bozzer was controlled and assertive showing an ability to “Clinton thumb” with either hand. This coupled with the palms facing the ground and nonchalant encouraging waving on of his opposing thumbers to make their points added up to A Clinton Thumb performance of some applomb.

bozzer parries.PNG

Saj displayed a firm grip and of all the Clinton thumb exponents on display his was something of a white knuckle display. His grip of his thumb was clearly that of a Merchant banker of Monty pythonesque stature, not only funny walks in the power stance department but tight-fisted indeed, A spell in the Exchequer seems within his Austere grasp.


Saj 3 dibs and a dab be prepared.PNG

Tighter and Tighter Saj gripped,  his Grip on the thumb seemed only challenged by the loose grip of his opposing digitally challenged challenger, of course, Rory the Tory of Arabia, and his obvious loose grip on reality, probably a limp handshake to boot.

Saj thumb.PNG

The Aberdonian foundling Gove seemed to think Rory had been eating his porridge and displayed an ambidextrous genius for the Clinton thumb, with flourishes from both hands. His thumbs looked skilled in their schooling probably honed on credit card choppings and white linear cuttings and rizla rollings at Georgie ( Giddy Gideon) Porgies crack den, perhaps a suck on Rory’s pipe was in order after his digital exertions.

gove cold porrige.PNG

Gove clearly warmed to his schooling of the perplexed Rory who maybe needed a lecturn to thump and might have perhaps benefitted with a small Austrian style moustache to give a nod to his Teutonic inspirations in the EU, Mrs Merkles Orgasmic shiverings at the Latest EU army parade may well have inspired some Clinton cigar action in the wannabee EU Fuhrer of Lebensraum GB .

rory gove.PNG


And on Hunt, what of the Sweeney Todd of Tory Austerity. Just this,



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