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‘Metropolis’ – Fritz Lang 1927

In the benefits of a Conservative mind set part 1, I published some links which were in danger of going down the memory hole in Peter Hitchens’ Mail On Sunday Blog.



I have been avidly reading the Blog of Michael Kowalik , following a comment which appeared on one of my Blogs yesterday.


  1. Hi Roger, I am now consistently blocked by RWER blog from commenting but wanted to share with you couple of interesting items related to the recent, provably false, CO2 history graph posted by the editor. This was my attempted reply to the post (censored):

Here is a comment I have made regarding an Anti-Human(ist) Green Fascist quip regarding Population and the Belief that it needs to be reigned in.


I have left this Comment over at the Surplus Energy Economics Blog of Dr Tim Morgan. I really think your Thinking is very exciting around this Question and hope that Wes Freeberg, and You and I can get our heads together. This is a superb body of work here and I look forward to reading Much More.

#152: Stuffed



The comment on the Nafeez article is typical of the misanthropy and anti-humanism of Green Fascists.

“” The judgement of overpopulation is more or less arbitrary, reminiscent of the Soritean ‘heap’.””


The Rise of Antihumanism

The Enlightenment project postulated rationality as the highest normative


The Feminist Seduction of Western Society (by Corey Schink)

The term ‘feminism’ was first coined by French socialist philosopher Charles Fourier (…)

This pathology is nowhere more clear than in Firestone’s definition of love. For her, love was “the height of selfishness: the self attempts to enrich itself by the absorption of another being.” And her account of rearing children? It couldn’t get more disgusting: “The mother who wants to kill her child for what she has had to sacrifice for it (a common desire) learns to love that same child only when she understands it is as helpless, oppressed as she is and by the same oppressor; then her hatred is directed outward and ‘motherlove’ is born.

For the Feminist, the war on the family has been a resounding success – women have been ‘liberated’ from the ‘comfortable concentration camp’of the family. In the process women are more likely to be unhappy, while many young women grow up feeling that a natural desire to raise a family is fundamentally wrong… For men, separated from their fathers, American and Western masculinity has never been more precarious. The female has taken their role, and they have nothing else to provide. The very traits that fathers instilled in their sons – the use of reason, the capability to suffer and work without reward, the desire to be responsible for the family – these traits have died, leaving an entire generation at the whim of postmodern, radical Leftist revolutionaries…


How Money Works

Money, despite its usefulness as the medium of economic exchange, is neither a consistent measure of value nor a store of value but a theoretically unlimited capacity to make claims on the use-value of goods and services. This is associated with a universal ‘sponge effect’ that money has on the real economy; it privileges interests of money holders over the property rights of value producers.

In principle, all the money in existence can buy all the goods in existence, allowing money issuers to just buy Everything and leave value-producers with valueless tokens. This does not happen only because long-term exploitation is best served by leaving enough economic value in the hands of the productive workforce to keep it motivated to continue creating value and exchanging it for money. The problem is of course not with money itself, which is a valuable and now indispensable technology, but with the lack of measures to preserve equitable ownership of value among value-producers, money holders, and money issuers. As long as this defect remains in place money will work in favour of money holders and money issuers, at the expense of property rights of all value producers. The effect of biased money is bigger and more pervasive than the capitalist system itself. In Kowalik 2015 I discuss a possible solution to this problem.

Kowalik and Freeberg are completing the circle, Seeds coupled with the Incisive Thinking seen in Kowaliks Value added negative tax.


and Freeberg,

Quanta unit of account

Seeds coupled with the Incisive Thinking seen in Kowaliks Value added negative tax.


and Freeberg,

Quanta unit of account

should usher in a much wiser market-based husbandry of elemental resources. I will in the interests of keeping this short refrain from getting into Grigon, Proudhon, George, Belloc and Kruetz.

My Other restorative and thought-provoking fare consumed, nay, devoured from the Table of Michael Kowalik today.

Castration of Odin: On the New Sexual-Consent Law in Sweden

Castration of Odin

In Norse mythology, Odin – Allfather, the archetypal male and the king of the world – symbolises traits that feminism derogates as ‘toxic masculinity’ associated with the feminist conception of patriarchy.

Introduction to Robust Secured Crypto-Currency

All uncollateralised crypto coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether) share a fundamental defect; their value as a currency is parasitic on the value of goods and services generated by others (Kowalik 2015).

A Pragmatic Case for Democracy

Anti-corruption protest in Bucharest 05.2.2017 (Photo: Dan Balanescu)

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” These words, commonly (but probably falsely) attributed to Winston Churchill, betray a serious misconception about the primary purpose of democracy, namely, that democracy is supposed to yield political decisions that best serve the interests of the greatest number of people.

Ontological Limits of Machine Consciousness

‘Metropolis’ – Fritz Lang 1927

Strong Artificial Intelligence typically denotes design and production of autonomous, intelligent minds that could be employed for the benefit of humanity. In this article I consider some ontological doubts about the utility of strong AI in the human world.

According to the Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy “the AI thesis should be understood to hold that thought, or intelligence, can be produced by artificial means; made, not grown.” In other words, AI implies designedintelligence as opposed to intelligence caused but not designed, like natural birth of a human being or any embodied intelligence arising spontaneously. A further distinction is between weak AI, consisting just in the capacity to learn and adapt to unforeseen circumstances (machines acting in an intelligent-like manner), and strong AI, denoting artificial subjectivity (self-aware machines). Here I focus exclusively on the strong sense of Artificial Intelligence.

Bitcoin De-Anonymisation and the Block-Chaingang

Bitcoin Gulag

Do you think Bitcoin profits are anonymous? Blockchain is a complete, perpetual record of your crypto history and it is being de-anonymised. Blockchain is forever. Below I keep track of the relevant developments.

As I have argued in my previous article on Bitcoin, anonymity of cryptocurrencies is a double-edged sword.

Universal Basic Income: an Experiment in Free Energy Economics

Pulling a rabbit out of a hat

Universal Basic Income (UBI), a social welfare system where every citizen is unconditionally entitled to receive a fixed amount of money from the State, is an idea that continues to garner political and entrepreneurial support. I argue that Universal Basic Income is not scalable to ‘pilot programmes’ and will adversely affect the Taxable Capacity.

Why we Cannot have the Right Not To Be Offended

Lucio Fontana ‘Spatial Concept’

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, known for his critique of political correctness and offense-sensitivity in the context of higher education, has presented a formidable defence of his position in the now famous interview with Cathy Newman.



  • Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Sorites (Logic) An abridged form of stating of syllogisms in a series of propositions so arranged that the predicate of each one that precedes forms the subject of each one that follows, and the conclusion unites the subject of the first proposition with the predicate of the last proposition☞ When the series is arranged in the reverse order, it is called the Goclenian sorites, from Goclenius, a philosopher of the sixteenth century.“The soul is a thinking agent;
      A thinking agent can not be severed into parts;
      That which can not be severed can not be destroyed;
      Therefore the soul can not be destroyed.”
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n sorites A kind of sophism invented by Chrysippus in the third century before Christ, by which a parson is led by gradual steps from maintaining what is manifestly true to admitting what is manifestly false. For example: One grain of sand cannot make a heap; then, if one grain be added to a grain, the one added grain cannot make that a heap which was not a heap before; and so on, until it is shown that a million or more grains of sand cannot make a heap.
    • n sorites A chain-syllogism, or argument having a number of premises and one conclusion, the argumentation being capable of analysis into a number of syllogisms, the conclusion of each of which is a premise of the next. A sorites may be categorical or hypothetical, like a syllogism, and either variety may be progressive or regressive.
    • ***
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Sorites sō-rī′tēz an argument composed of an indeterminate number of propositions, so arranged that the predicate of the first becomes the subject of the second, and so on till the conclusion is reached, which unites the subject of the first with the predicate of the last.
    • ***


Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., from Gr. swrei`thssc. syllogismo`s), properly, heaped up (hence, a heap of syllogisms), fr. swro`s a heap
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr.,—sōros, a heap.


In literature:

The whole must needs follow by a sorites or induction.
“The Anatomy of Melancholy” by Democritus Junior
Lucian makes a parasite ask his host after dinner to solve such riddles as “The Sorites and the Reaper,” and the “Horned Syllogism.
“History of English Humour, Vol. 1 (of 2)” by Alfred Guy Kingan L’Estrange
The Sorites 142 Sec.6.
“Logic” by Carveth Read
Conclusion of the Sorites, into concrete form.
“Symbolic Logic” by Lewis Carroll
The Sorites uses several middle terms by which the predicate of the last proposition is connected with the first subject.
“A Logic Of Facts” by George Jacob Holyoake


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