Chatting with Chaffers and Bray. Why Vote Leave won. #Brexit #UKIP #BrexitParty#English Democrats #DemocratsandVeterans #MEGA #MAGA #QAnon Policy-based Evidence Making, AKA Propaganda

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I had been aware of the English Democrats case brought by the Party leader Robin Tilbrook and had been following the legal pleadings posted on Robins blog. It was with some interest I clicked on an interview that appeared in my youtube feed searching for interviews with the Great Man. This appeared.


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That was on the 30th of May. Chaffers and Bray are Politically at the coal face their interactions with the voting public and also with the Party apparatchiks who direct and cajole from their central positions and the Politicians who are the Vessels who flagged under various conveniences , usually Corporate, Try to articulate the lies which address the concerns known to Chaffers and Bray through they’re interactions on the Doorstep.

What became apparent from the interactions between Robin and Chaffers and Bray was that Robin was more like them than the Westminster politicians and more like regular everyday working people and all three quite clearly have smelt a rat and were articulating the source of the Rancid Whiff.

Impressed by what I had heard particularly this bit.

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I worked through the back catalogue on the Chaffers and Bray Channel.

Full interview here
The three most important #NoDeal #Brexit Bombshells contained within the interview
The new prime minister could exit the EU immediately (technically on the 29th of March) merely by conceding Robin Tilbrook’s case in the high court.
‘A couple’ of the Conservative leadership candidates have discussed just this with Robin.
If Scotland voted for independence it would bring the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland out of the EU, as the United Kingdom would no longer exist.

A number of themes emerged from watching other videos produced by the Dynamic doorstep duo themes of, Involuntary Celibacy and Feminazism, a sympathy with the qanon world view of flyover USA deplorable “deep-state” intrigue.  Reading the Blogs of each, I got a strong sense of the Asymmetry and selective hearing/deafness both had experienced in their interactions with the Party politics machine but also in everyday life with Fascist State over-reach. Through commenting on videos and watching further live streams I expressed that I would love to chat with Chaffers and Bray and we had that chat about a week ago.

In the intervening period, between our chat and it’s being posted, I watched this video from the duo’s Back Catalogue.

so yeah how did Dominic cummings
have this knowledge  how did he
completely avoid the UKIP trap.
This question opened up the real answers to Brexit, why Nigel Farage seemed so sympathetic to Rory Stewart, Why the Brexit party is so positioned as a One Issue One Trick Pony.
Dominic Cummings was the key. These Blogs came directly from this one comment by Chaffers.
Why Vote Leave Won, it’s because of people like Chaffers and Bray, we need more people like Chaffers and Bray in the House of Commons.

Where the bubble politicians go wrong is that they confuse the medium with the message, the medium is the Data and the message is contained in feedback from activists

Using the Activists as a lens to interpret that data, must have a filtering measure as Activists have beliefs as well though. The views and therefore votes of voters will not correlate, necessarily, strongly to Activists views, as Activists have a strong political and ideological component to their own thinking which will come through in their interpretations of wider data. This is Amplified by politicians through the lens of their own confirmation biases and ego-driven projections.

Politicians and Bureaucrats eventually succumb to Policy Based evidence making, one species of evidence made this way is propaganda.





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