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From the Spectator, dated 19th May 1995.    The video was found here.
Very educational, and worth the time to read and watch.

We are the last safe house in Europe — more secure than MI5,’ claims Tristan Garel-Jones, who was a Whip for eight years under Mrs Thatcher. Another recent ex-Whip says, ‘I cannot discuss with an outsider what Whips do; it would break our code of honour and confidentiality.

Westminster’s Secret Service – May 1995

Michael Cockerell has just completed a BBC investigation of the Government Whips’ Office. Here, he gives a preview of the programme’s discoveries

AT THE START of May, the Tory Chief Whip wrote secretly to the Prime Minister: `There is a strong suspicion that there are Cabinet ministers who are defeatist. The party in the country is puzzled by obvious signs of our lack of unity in the Commons. The objective must…

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