Illegal camerawork at The Groucho Club:

One wonders if Mr Gove was a member or even a regular of the Groucho Club given his recent Peruvian contrition.

The Clinton Thumb and the Bed Wetting Tory Wets.Thumbing through the Tory Leaderships Clinton Thumb Chops.

“I can vouch for the level of white powder inhaled at the club over the years. I thought it completely normal in the late 1990s to go to the downstairs loo there and be deafened by the sound of sniffing. Was it a mystery virus, I would often wonder. It may well have been: I couldn’t possibly comment. But the current head of one massive international ad agency yesterday confirmed many similar experiences. “There was,” he observed, “a tendency after about nine pm for conversation to be like an Olympic 100 metres final”. As a comment threader here noted yesterday, “The Snooker Room was known as the Peruvian procurement office”.

cLOWNS TO THE lEFT OF mE jOKERS TO THE rIGHT. Why Boris and Not Jeremy ( Bottomley ) Hunt.


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