Richard North, Flexit whos side is he on?

what do you make of North Here, I have read all his EU books but I do think he is wrong about WTO rules, whats his stich do you think he is very poor on Money none of his books tackle it which I noted in my own Technical Brexit series. Meet the Fuggers, EU Enlargement and Their Lordships and Article 50.

Sections of the book on Energy policy and also other Trade matters are important and covered extensively in the book. One does wonder why Dr North does not dig into the Gnomes of Zurich(Basle) aspects as much as he is clearly capable of doing, and which I assume he has chosen not to. Dr North also writes convincingly on political devolution and of devolving democratic powers back to the local level, That is, I found it convincing but I am a natural member of that particular choir.

Article 50, Globalisation and the real seat of power. The Top Table and The Trump Card.And the elephant in the room.

Just a memory jogger on the Raab Marr interview, Baker Cash evidence to committe and the Bruges Group memory holed scop?

No Actuelite let alone economy with the actualite. Death of truth, post-truth Brino Lies, Subterfuge and general telling of Tall Tales and Outright Porkies. #BRINO #PDC Personal Destiny Control #WikiBallot #WikiTacticalVoting #CantonModelDirectDemocracy #SteveBaker #DominicRaab #HowTruthfullisFarage? looking at the comments exchange on this John not possible on BBC anymore that avenue has all but disappeared. comments are racing ahead on this Telegraph piece about Steve BAker John, I wish more sloggers would stick some links to your blog in there? lets try and start a fight with Richard North also we need to get UKIP and Brexit PArty supporters to engage with the same issue IBS and EU Military. All talking head Politiicans silent on it.

12:46 comments still racking up on this John its a very good piece. How is David Davis doing I think he was blind sided with a Control File issue and under a lot of coercion riight now. Baker is a Loyall WIng man for Davis and probably fairly clean, ideal target for a honey Trap I guess he is smart enough to avoid the Sppon though I think? Can we get some sort of message to Davis and see if we can help with whatever hios embarrasment might be?


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