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This is not Fiction, This is not a conspiracy theory this is not PROCRUSTEAN ELEPHANT GRAPH FITTING. ETC AND SO ON AND SO FORTH. 123 At the end of this Transcript. ( ) You will find selected links to articles which bring up to date all of the projects and long term policy …

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PROCRUSTEAN ELEPHANT GRAPH FITTING. ETC AND SO ON AND SO FORTH. Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli is an Italian politician, author, and activist. She was President of the Economic and Social Committee of the European Union from 1998 to 2000.[1] Contents 1Life 2Awards 3References 4External links …

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Liberty Revival Rejecting Marx, Keynes, AND Mises; Reviving Classical Liberalism and Georgism; Ending Taxation upon Toil; Overturning the Tables of Usury; Reclaiming the Profit of God’s Earth for All Feeds: Posts Comments « Bridging Religions and Markets: Social Monetary Interest, Not Social Credit National Debt is Meaningless? » PNAC, Alex Jones, and Ron Paul Partner for a New …

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Exclusive: Conservative donors open secret talks with Nigel Farage on general election pact to save Brexit Mr Stewart, who is ranked a 16-1 outsider to be crowned leader, behind Jeremy Hunt (12-1) and Mr Johnson (1-5), said that he wanted to “use the Brexit Party’s success to put an electric shock through Parliament and get …

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Prescient. Meet The Fuggers, Brexit, The Euro and Clueless Elites. Hi Matthew, I am embarking on a new Web 3 based publishing project one of the joys of which allowing myself the inestimable pleasure of reading deeper into thinking and writing which has stayed with me over the years and going back to read more …

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An Excellent Look at The English Democrats Judicial Review of The Brextension. The Case has been Made that The UK left on 29th March.

via Talking with Tilbrook

The Meat and Potatoes of How Boris could keep to the decision of the British electorate to leave the EU.

The three most important #NoDeal #Brexit Bombshells contained within the interview

  • The new prime minister could exit the EU immiediately (technically on the 29th of March) merely by conceding Robin Tilbrook’s case in the high court.
  • ‘A couple’ of the Conservative leadership candidates have discussed just this with Robin.
  • If Scotland voted for independence it would bring the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland out of the EU, as the United Kingdom would no longer exist.


Conceding #RobinTilbrooks case


Parliament, the Cabinet, the civil service and the judiciary would have no recourse and no power to prevent this. There could be no legal challenge and no delay, it would mean that we were already out of the EU without a deal thereby saving £40 billion pounds, and also gaining roughly £25 billion per annum tarif revenue which currently goes to Juncker’s brandy fund.

Above quoted from MikeCHaffin Red Pill UK.Blog



The Meat and Potatoes ( Short Video Clip)

June 20, 2019

theneedleblog From the Spectator, dated 19th May 1995.    The video was found here. Very educational, and worth the time to read and watch. ‘We are the last safe house in Europe — more secure than MI5,’ claims Tristan Garel-Jones, who was a Whip for eight years under Mrs Thatcher. Another recent ex-Whip says, ‘I cannot discuss …

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‘Metropolis’ – Fritz Lang 1927 In the benefits of a Conservative mind set part 1, I published some links which were in danger of going down the memory hole in Peter Hitchens’ Mail On Sunday Blog. April 9, 2018 THE BENEFITS OF A CONSERVATIVE MINDSET. INTELLECTUAL JOURNALISM #DUMBERANDDOUMA 09 APRIL 2018 10:26 AM THE DAILY …

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Atmospheric CO2 concentration year 1 to 2018 Clearly, posts I have been made have been retrospectively placed in Moderation, the editor of RWER needs to be taken to one side and the facts of free speech and open sceptical scientific debate explained to him or her. ATMOSPHERIC CO2 CONCENTRATION YEAR 1 TO 2018 June 15, …

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absolutely (7) ago (5) agree (8) basically (31) believe (8) book (7) called (12) candidate (6) certain (5) china (5) chinese (6) church (10) comes (7) common (12) correctness (5) days (6) deep (6) different (16) elite (7) essentially (5) establishment (15) eu (10) everybody (8) everything (5) example (5) far (7) feminism (10) feminist (7) feminists (15) free (7) german (5) germany (6) give (5) god (15) going (11) government (11) guy (17) guys (6) hong (18) idea (6) ideology (10) keep (6) kong (18) laughter (6) law (10) local (8) lot (8) lots (9) love (5) moment (6) oh (10) okay (9) orthodox (11) parties (5) party (10) …

Continue reading Owen Smith complained of Red Tories in the Labour Leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn. I made this video at the time demonstrating the professional politician’s deployment of this secret Clinton weapon, one can only imagine how expertly the present gaggle of wets and red tories and die-hard Bremoaners are with Clinton’s other favourite …

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Atmospheric CO2 concentration year 1 to 2018 June 15, 2019EditorLeave a commentGo to comments “This chart is simply wrong. No serious climate scientist would dare to deny validity of the existing CO2 record based on well established geological proxies. A simple google search of academic literature on the subject would reveal that much. Here is just …

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