BREXIT: Johnson or not, it still isn’t cricket. It’s not just Life or Death it’s more important than that. This is Cricket. #Brexit #WhyBoris

atlords bat


The Rapier slices mercilessly into the Masque of Oligarchy.No.2

The Cricketing analogies are wonderful, for the Hard of Cricket this guide might help.

Regarding the emergent properties of our Future Democracy Boris as Botham and a Heroic, Last wicket stand to set a total, is it limited over or a Test series.
Our National Sport, Which is Cricket. Both Footballers and Rugby players tend to have Cricket as their summer sport, most Footballers I knew as a younger man I met through playing Cricket and Cricket provides a linkage to those two other great Team Sports.

Brexiteering is, of course, a Team Sport and being in the Multi Gender EU there are no serious sports anymore although they all talk a good match.

I have been trying to figure out Where Richard North Stands

How this vision differs from the
New Chartist Movement.

Then we come to the Brexit Party and Richard Tice offered this yesterday.

and Nigel offered this, a picture paints a thousand words we can all join the dots.

It seems to me John that there is a structural approach to the problem which we Plebs can adopt and that involves going for a Constitutional Restoration approach.
There is the current trajectory which seems to be divide and rule, DO the Harrogate people and the New Chartists have a nodding acquaintance or elbows being sharpened just for a change of guard at the same old trough.

Oh, and by the way, Cricket is more real than real life. Willis a real English hero.




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    rogerglewis Uncategorized February 1, 2019 3 Minutes

    Justin Walker
    8 hours ago
    What a wasted opportunity! I actually talked to Simon on the phone last Friday and told him to ask Carney about the 1914 Bradbury Pound and why Sovereign National Credit should be restored – that is the proven ability of HM Treasury to create, issue and control all the money needed for Britain’s sovereignty, prosperity and happiness. Called M0 at 100%, this is debt-free and interest-free money that is created by the government that is based on our nation’s wealth and labour potential…and it doesn’t lead to inflation. It was a retired Director of the Bank of England who tipped me off back in 2012 about this proven fiscal measure and that it would solve all of Britain’s economic woes. Positive Money knows all about this but has done absolutely nothing. And why does Positive Money never discuss the machinations of the secretive Bank for International Settlements which controls sixty of the world’s central banks including the Bank of England? Sorry, but this meeting was a completely wasted opportunity…especially as the hidden Deep State created the appalling science of Man-made Global Warming. I know this because Aurelio Peccei, the co-founder of the Club of Rome, told me personally back in 1982 that his organisation WAS CREATING A GLOBAL PROBLEM TO FRIGHTEN THE WORLD INTO ACCEPTING GLOBAL GOVERNANCE! And if you don’t believe me, ask Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, a highly respected climatologist. Or Professor David Bellamy who told me bluntly, “it’s all bad science!”. Come on people, please wake up to the scam that the central banking system is and what the hidden and corporate Deep State is doing to all of us to take away our prosperity and ancient freedoms as they head us towards a debt-slavery Orwellian future. Please go to

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