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What a blow!
At today’s #NickTrial, prosecution summarised a video interview, maintaining that Lord Bramall told officers he did not know Greville Janner …
However, a 2006 article in the Standard tells us that Bramall physically struck fellow peer Greville Janner in an incident in one of the rooms close to the Lord’s chamber. The same incident is reported in Bramall’s Wikipedia.
Bramall even went on to the press that the two were ‘very old friends’, and had corresponded since crossing swords.
Forgetful? Noddarf!
So why did Bramall make a claim under caution which could so easily be refuted by a quick Google search? And why did the Met not query this? And why would Bramall be so at pains to distance himself from Greville Janner?
At his trial, the serial paedophile Frank Beck claimed that he had carried the can for a number of other people, including Greville Janner, maintaining Janner had buggered a boy for two whole years. In 1994, Beck was found dead in prison before he could do anymore mouthing off.
Like Bramall denied knowing his good friend Janner when questioned by the Met, Janner similarly denied virtually all contact with his friend Frank Beck, deliberately misleading the 1982 Kirkwood inquiry.
So is it another of those quirky coincidences that Bramall and Janner’s Frank Beck both served together at the same time in Borneo? …
Another Borneo veteran to serve with Bramall and Beck in Borneo was David Ramsbotham, son of the Bishop of Wakefield who colluded with massive child abuse in the Church of England.
When it was reported in the media that paedophile gangs were operating within Britain’s prisons, David Ramsbotham was HMI Chief Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales (1995-01).
But don’t expect to hear about Bramall’s lies to the Met in an interview under caution in the Daily Fail, although it was Mail Online which reported on the friendship between Bramall and Janner and them coming to blows at Westminster in 2006. … dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4…
Bearing in mind Lord Brammal’s different accounts, one of which was made under a police caution, of his relationship with Janner, should this evidence be the subject of a Notice of Further Evidence to the Honorable Justice Goss?
The implications for all are very serious.

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