Guilt of anti-semitism now needs no evidence By Jonathan Cook

A brilliant Article.
Your last article was criticised on the Slog the other day.
If you read this comment It would be very good to have your side of the story.
John Ward at the slog I count as a friend, but he and I disagree regarding Jeremy Corbyn and Labour anti-Semitism,
I agree with your position Johnathan.
ANALYSIS: the simple reasons why Jeremy Corbyn will never be Prime Minister

An opinion circle I value highly yesterday sent me an article about Jeremy Corbyn written by Jonathon Cook. It purports to suggest credibly that there is an organised neocon conspiracy to ensure Mr Corbyn never gains power in Britain.

July 5, 2019 at 6:38 pm
This from Cook in 2017 was I thought, very good.

That the Establishment nobles those of who it feels are too uppity or of the wrong stuff is hardly controversial.

The Judgement in the Tommy Robinson case today is I think far more important than what becomes of Jeremy Corbyn. The Establishment is driving us hard at a Totalitarian Fascist State, the only difference between any of them is Oceana or Eurasia. I personally think Corbyn and Mc Donnel are all part of the same club in a strange way but shunned by the two main Eurasia and Oceana factions.

The New Chartists, Harrogate agenda Crowd and 17.4 movements all have the right idea.

The New Dark Age

8 July 2019 — Jonathan Cook

A deadly serious tweet at the weekend from Armando Iannucci, the comedy writer responsible for the hugely popular Westminster TV satire show The Thick of It, reveals something significant about the problem of resolving the so-called Labour anti-semitism “crisis”. In response to a tweet by a follower discussing my recent blog post entitled “The plot to keep Corbyn out of power”, Iannucci observed: “Fresh insight on the Labour antisemitism story. It’s all a lie stoked up by Jews.”

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