Epstein, down the Rabbit hole. State-Sponsored Blackmail, The Steele Dossier, Control Files #Pompeo #FalseFlags # Bribery, #Corruption and general Venality. The Debauched Lies Based international Order, War is Peace and Debauched Robber Barons, Cooper Union Speech, Henry George. Junkerman, MattHancock and the NHS.

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb


I once drove Mandelbrot to Epstein’s mansion in NY. Had never heard of him & nobody else knew him yet Epstein was a publicity hog. Warned M. maybe laundering or mafia, not finance, shd avoid him.
There are financiers who leave no footprint but those never have public life. https://twitter.com/LibertyBlitz/status/1148290935148535808 

Michael Krieger@LibertyBlitz
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I keep hearing the same thing from people.
Everything about Epstein is bizarre.

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Israel PM’s son RTs #FreeTommyRobinson, @PMotels, in case there was any confusion. #Fascism . Not So fast Ranjan, I’ll Raise You a #LabourAntiSemitism And See your #Article13 and #OnlineharmsAct


Not So fast Ranjan, I’ll Raise You a #Labour Antifascism And See your #Article13 and #On lineharmsAct

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mentions Hi Ranjan, Tommy Robinson is obviously a Zionist Fellow Traveller, this is not why he is being persecuted. That he is being used as a Useful idiot for Zionism again is not the cause of his persecution. 1/2
mentions Robinson (((Not his real name))), Is being persecuted as he has an un-sanctioned, un-licensed and disapproved platform representing a Silent Majority that rarely vote and generally termed the Lumpen Proletariat, The Mob, The Great unwashed those the establishment 2/3
mentions 3/3 wish in High Victorian pedagogy to Be Seen and not heard like good compliant children, Those who Calvin said. “Must be kept poor to remain obedient” . I think it is probably fair to say (Yaxley-Lennon) is Islamaphobic, not that he is Rascist or Fascist 3/4
mentions The Netanyahu’s are probably all Three. The Venality of the British Ruling Class (in office, Political Office and Public mainstream Discourse) is clear to be seen in the Robinson Case. I consider my self a fully paid up small c conservative member of the British Establishment 4/5
mentions 5/5 For myself and my other free-thinking friends, acquaintances the piece on UK Column yesterday sums up our un-ease with the in Office Establishment’s flight to Authoritarian Class warfare.
#NaziPug #AlisonChabloz #LabourAntiSemitism #FreeSpeech