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Perspectiva #ClimateCultReligion #DasFeelvia #153. One for the sceptics




Sorry for the typos in my previous post.
Just to wrap up here as I do not wish to just argue with myself.
I had a discussion back in April With the Author and another of his Followers of a 3 part blog post on Watts Up with That. The title of the Posts was as Follows.

Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & EROEI: Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part One: Peak Oil
David Middleton / April 22, 2019

Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & EROEI: Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part One: Peak Oil

“EROEI is the preferred energy metric for Malthusians, environmental activists, Warmunists and proponents of uneconomic energy sources. The invention of this concept is generally credited to an ecology professor…”

Will give you a flavour, this wing of the Climate debate is I think as useful to the Political project of CO2 Carbon Trading as the Catastrophist Wing, both are fueled by, Polemic, Rhetoric and Emotional bed wetting and dummy spitting Its a Manichean thing and this Roger Pelke Junior Talk at the GWPF is worth watching on that point regarding the Polarised debate and Religous fervour pursued on both sides, parading their Hurt Feelings and needing to repair to their various Churches or Cult HQ,s A bracket into which I would place the Perspectiva, project of Rowson.

I took David Middleton to Task on his Appeals to the Rhetoric and Ad Hominem rather than tackling the substantive issues of Energy-based metrics for Energy investment and Consumption Decisions.

“The unit of account in a Fiat money system is an arbitrary unit basing a unit of account upon an SI Unit of energy makes a great deal of sense if you do not wish to be robbed of your skin in the game by the money laundering Banksters- Sadly the Author of this piece has gone off at half-cock failing to define terms and set boundary conditions. Watch Glassmans talk and slide show and try again-

“Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the Right. Useful idiots for usury everywhere. Watts up With That #LimitstoNouse The Author lets us all down that insist that empirical evidence must be respected in The Debate about climate. Economics and Political Economy are imprecise pseudo-scientific priesthoods every bit as manufactured and absurd as Micheal Mann and his desperado band of cultist cool-aid hawkers. Steelers Wheel sums it up really. Quite one of the worse articles I have read here. ”

Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the Right. Useful idiots for usury everywhere. Watts up With That #LimitstoNouse

The Exchanges in the discussion are pasted into the comments of my own blog pointing at the David Middleton series of articles, the 3 articles and all the comments are worth reading David is a very Knowledgable Oil Industry Engineer,
The point regarding the Role of Debt-based money in the Late Stage Financialised State monopoly Capitalism under which most people are net losers and a vanishingly small percentage are net Gainers, is hard to see There is a very real sense of Peak Ignorance around the current Hiatus we face as the Paradigm shift takes place.
The Shift To what is the question? ultimately ending on a Philosophical note the argument boils down to Determinism or Free Will and Herecletus or Parmenides.

As a Pelagian and a religious man myself, I do not need Rowson’s ethical code to point me in the direction of the Cult of #WrongKindofGreen I stand with Liberty, Free will and bow to no man,

it is “Who you know and what you believe that counts” The Semi Establishment Pelagianism of Bremain. #Brexit #Brino #DominicCummings “Cynics saw what people could be and were angered by what they had become; Timonists felt humans were hopelessly stupid & uncaring by nature and so saw no hope for change”. #antiestablishmentarianism


    #1…Greta Thunberg tweet:
    It’s 2019. Can we all now stop saying Climate Change and instead call it what it is: climate breakdown, climate crisis, climate emergency, ecological breakdown, ecological emergency, and ecological breakdown?

    And from Kristin Lin this week:
    #2…The language we use has a real power to influence how we understand our world — and act in it. It’s an idea that Jonathan Rowson, an applied philosopher and chess grandmaster, takes up in this weeks On Being. “Finding the right form and the right reverberation of language really makes a difference in terms of how people feel it,” he says.

    Rowson is the founder of Perspectiva, a research organization developing a framework for thinking about how social change happens. As its tagline, “systems, souls, society,” suggests, Perspectiva is interested in drawing out the relationship and dynamics between individual and collective consciousness — which, Rowson explains, is particularly helpful for thinking about climate change.

    “The crisis of climate change is a crisis of disconnection between the facts and the feelings,” he says. “We know something is true; we don’t feel that it’s true. We don’t live as if it’s true.”

    This disconnection is where language can act as a bridge. And Rowson believes that the right language can change the world. “It changes conversations, which changes cultures, which changes practices.”

    and #3….

    Brian: The disease care model really doesn’t get to the root cause does it, Jason?

    Jason: No. It’s patchwork at best. And fundamentally, actually I think that the biggest disservice we do is that, if the disease care model works at resolving our symptoms, we’re actually bypassing the real work that we need to do, right? So, it’s almost it’s more detrimental if we actually get solutions with the disease care model, because we’re not getting the real solutions. We’re sort of masking over it.

    I think the real opportunity is to understand what the symptoms are so that we can get to the root cause resolution, which always has to do with how we’re living out of alignment. And there’s a lack of congruence with the way we think, the way we feel, and the way that we act in the world, and then in our lifestyle. So, that’s really the opportunity. So, I think we have to sort of change our mindset to go from “Let me get rid of this thing that I’m experiencing” to, “Let me understand this and learn how to really move through it so that it cannot exist.”

    Brian: That’s pretty profound that it’s detrimental, in all likelihood, that we if we get what seems like solutions from the conventional disease care model, folks beware. Because it may seem that’s the case and in fact it is likely not. And that is a great way to segue into my little imagine scenario here which is this, I know in this pretend thing that we call free time that you are a fan of golfing. So—

    Jason: Yeah. I love golf—

    Brian: Okay, good. So, then let’s say that you and I have gone through, I don’t know, nine holes already. You’re beating my butt because I am an absolutely terrible golfer, though I enjoy it. And I figure now is the prime opportunity, Jason, to ask you a big question that I’ve been meaning to ask. So, I say, “Hey Jason, from your area of expertise, what are the three most essential things people must do to look their best, feel their best, and live a long life doing it?” What would your first most essential be?

    Jason: I think, especially in our Western world and the life that we’ve created for ourselves, primarily in U.S. and Canada and UK and this type of thing, I think we have to get moving again. We’ve really created a poor relationship with movement. Most of us sit around all day on a computer working. I mean this is what I do. It’s part of my life as well. This is the modern world we’ve created. So we’ve got to find ways to get moving again and incorporate movement into our life on a more regular basis.

    Worst case scenario, yes, going and doing a 20 to 30-minute workout is great, or going to a yoga class and a cycling class, or whatever it might be. Then that’s all good stuff. But I think we need to change the relationship with movement and figure out a way we can move more. It’s funny. You go into like an airport, you know, you’re flying out somewhere, and you see people riding the escalator, right? And they just have a backpack on or a small bag.

    What’s the reason that they’re riding an escalator? It’s not like you have these big pieces of luggage necessarily. Or even if you have luggage, a lot of times you can actually carry them upstairs, right? A really good way to get exercise. Or you see people taking those people movers that are literally these belts on the on flat ground, and they just stand there while the belt moves them down the terminal. I mean I kind of jokingly point this out because we’ve really just we’re not even aware of some of the things that we’re doing. We’re just sort of getting lazy with our movement.

    So, you know, movement is so profoundly beneficial for the mind and the body that we must incorporate it. And I think the best way to do so is to find the things that you really enjoy and do that do more of that. You know, whether that’s playing with your kids or playing with your pets, going for a walk, it doesn’t really matter. I mean if you love marathons, whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it. A lot of us I see that we’re trying to force movement into our lives, and we don’t really enjoy it. We actually dread it.

    And I think psychologically that’s tough, because you’re creating a situation where a portion of your day you don’t even like. And you’re doing it because—most of the time we’re doing it because we don’t like something about ourselves, whether it’s we don’t have enough muscle, or we have too much fat and we’re trying to get rid of that. Or we’re trying to lower our blood pressure or something we’re trying to do that’s—so we’re trying to counteract something, right?

    And I think if we just include some movement styles that we really enjoy, include more play and more fun in our life, that is profoundly effective. And for those who have physical jobs, a high demand for physical labor in their jobs, that can be a really good thing just because you’re moving a lot. And it’s really funny. As a practitioner when I would run, you know, blood work and hormone panels and microbiome labs and all kinds of different lab work, I found that the people that really moved a lot and did a lot of exercise and enjoyed, it was amazing how many other poor decisions they could make, and exercise surprisingly made up for it.

    and #4…

    Nitric oxide is made by the blood vessels’ lining, or endothelium. The endothelium is exquisitely sensitive to the physical and chemical conditions inside our blood vessels. When the endothelium senses heart-healthy conditions, such as physical activity and low cholesterol, it releases more nitric oxide. And that’s a very good thing. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and decreasing plaque growth and blood clotting.

    Conversely, when the endothelium senses high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, or emotional distress, it releases less nitric oxide, and atherosclerosis (heart disease) accelerates.

    Penile erection depends on the release of nitric oxide. Viagra and other drugs like it that reduce erectile dysfunction work on the next step of the nitric oxide pathway. Are impotence and atherosclerosis closely related? Absolutely. Any lifestyle no-no that decreases nitric oxide, such as smoking, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, causes both problems.

    Nitroglycerin, which my grandfather took to relieve his chest pain, works by being converted into nitric oxide. In a sense, nitric oxide is the body’s own nitroglycerin. If you had first discovered how nitroglycerin and nitric oxide work, as three Americans (Robert Furchgott, Lewis Ignarro, and Ferid Murad) did, in 1998 you would have won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Nitric oxide is that important.


    I believe that the notion put forward by Greta Thunberg and Kristin Lin and Jason Prall and the Pritikin Center, that language is important is one essential ingredient in adjusting to the notion that we have passed Peak Prosperity, and then actually living with Peak Prosperity in the rear-view mirror. For example, if we speak of a trip to a conventional doctor as ‘getting my symptoms masked with drugs’, and if we describe a trip to the gym as ‘masking my symptoms with self-flagellation’…then everything changes. If, on the other hand, we go for a brisk walk or use a push mower to mow the lawn and feel the tingle in our fingertips, we can describe to ourself or our companion the evidence of nitric oxide and luxuriate in the knowledge that the body is telling us ‘All is Well’.

    Peak Prosperity means, among other things: peak symptom hiding; peak dysfunctional behavior; and peak mental and physical stressors. This is not to downplay the real stressors that arise out of change…but maybe changing our language changes our thought processes which changes our real-world reactions and eases transitions.

    Don Stewart

  2. @roger lewis
    ‘ clue to the purpose of this sort of ANti Free speech for the little people Stance’

    I looked at the Perspectiva website and saw nothing that looked like censorship. I suspect that when he describes people as knowing but not feeling, he is describing Climate Scientists as well as ordinary people. If Climate Scientists actually felt what is about to happen, would they carry on with Business as Usual?

    As for what is about to happen, a very recent paper from a single MIT professor explored the chemical makeup of the oceans and the previous mass extinctions. The result is a simple model which explains why the mass extinctions occurred when they did. It’a about tipping points, beyond which the collapse becomes basically irreversible (like a canoe approaching the tipping point). The author calculates that we are currently very close to that tipping point.

    Now the Establishment doesn’t want to hear anything about tipping points….the Earth will get a little warmer and probably the Arctic ocean melts and that will expand GDP opportunities in the Arctic and the governments of the US, Canada, and Russia are eagerly looking forward to it. Climate scientists mostly don’t want to hear about tipping points either…James Hansen has described everything as just linearly increasing the odds of warmer weather. The MIT paper says that ‘no, it is not linear, it is abrupt and irreversible’.

    Anybody can rebut the MIT paper and show that the chemical equations are wrong, that the geological record has been misrepresented, and that we actually have nothing to worry about….But don’t hold your breath.

    The point remains…if we actually now ‘know’ that Extinction is where we are headed, can we feel that sufficiently to change our behavior? Because we know behavior results from feelings.

    Don Stewart

    • Don, Catastrophic End Times prophesy is nothing new. It sells newspapers and allows Politicians easy sound bites.
      Regarding Self Evident Truths I like this from the anonymous response to the Publication of the US declaration of Independence penned by Jeremy Bentham,

      “They are about “to assume,” as they tell us, “among the powers of the earth, that equal and separate ( 120 ) station to which” — they have lately discovered — “the laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God entitle them.” What difference these acute legislators suppose between the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, is more than I can take upon me to determine, or even to guess. If to what they now demand they were entitled by any law of God, they had only to produce that law, and all controversy was at an end. Instead of this, what do they produce? What they call sell-evident truths. “All men,” they tell us, “are created equal.” This rarity is a new discovery; now, for the first time, we learn, that a child, at the moment of his birth, has the same quantity of natural power as the parent, the same quantity of political power as the magistrate”.

      “We know behaviour results from feelings”, do we Don, its a bit more involved than that isn’t it the Ancients gave us The Ring of Gyges, and the 1960’s the invisible man. The Question of Belief and Knowledge and Truth are the intractable and eternal problem of Philosophy.

      Psychologizing the failure of others to agree with our point of view is a terrible turn in modern discourse.

      Greta Thornberry is a modern-day Joan of Arc and no better than any other charlatan. That there is terrible environmental damage being done I do not disagree with, that CO2 is a pollutant or any danger whatsoever is falsified beyond any reasonable doubt, hence the move to legislate the Quackery as state decreed truth.
      We have nothing to fear but the fear and especially the Manufactured fear from the vested interests of State Monopoly Capitalism.

      I am not a fully paid-up member of the Das Feel squad Don, never will be. Produce your evidence and subject your methodology to Falsification by others.
      Feelings, Bar Hum Bug.

  3. @Roger
    You claim, as I understand you:
    *CO2 is not a poison in any sense of that term, and so the MIT study with its geological evidence and chemical equations must be wrong. Probably you would add an addendum claiming that the peer review the paper survived is a sham.
    *How humans make decisions is a matter for Philosophy. I suppose you think that neuroscience has not shed any light on the subject.

    Life is too short to argue with you….Don Stewart

July 21, 2019

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