Coming Soon: A Rigged Referendum

bill40: The Progressive Pilgrim


This is meant to represent a schism although technically it’s a chasm. A little slack please.

I have written previously about how a second referendum would be a monumentally stupid idea and gave my opinion on what the template should look like. We need a solution to the Brexit impasse so put every option available to the people was my idea, which I thought was reasonable and far superior to a binary question.

Divide and conquer
Show no mercy
Defile the honor
Sow discord amongst them all

Now I thought a re-run of the 2016 referendum was about as stupid as it was possible to get, but oh no, ‘hold my beer’ cried the Remainers ‘look what wheeze we have come up with’. I wouldn’t mind but this new referendum question isn’t even the most stupid suggestion they have, there are others.

I’ll take a brief pause here to note…

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