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mentions 1) FACTS
*@Snowden docs revealed in Aug 2010, US asked allies to charge Julian with something. Swedish police (NOT women) made sex allegations*After reviewing WOMENS statements Chief Prosec of Stockholm, Eva Finne, dismissed police claims of ‘rape’ as “having no basis”
mentions 2)Swedish politician/lawyer appealed Prosec descision to dismiss police ‘rape’ claim in a secret illegal appeal using proven lab tested false evidence.Unlawfully a Prosec NOT judge issued an Extradition Warrant for Julian
mentions 3) The politician/ lawyer Claes Borgstrum was in a law firm with fellow politician/lawyer Thomas Bodstrum, the former Swedish Justice Minister at the time the @CIA illegally renditioned 2 innocent refugees off the steet & sent them to be tortured in Egypt.
mentions 4)Swedish politician /lawyer Claes Borgstrum, woman AA who provided lab tested false evidence & interviewing police officer were ALL standing as Social Democrat candidates in Swedish elections, on sex offences platform,1 month AFTER false sex allegations were made against Julian!

mentions 5) Despite taking out Extradition Warrant to question Julian, second Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny refused ALL his requests to be interviewed for 6 yrs WHILE detaining him for questioning incl..

*In Sweden
*At Scotland Yard
*At Sweden/Ecuador Embassies
*By skype/video/phone

mentions 6) FOI docs obtained by Italian investigative journalist @Smaurizi revealed collusion between Sweden & UK to abuse legal processes in detaining Julian for questioning while NOT questioning him.

Sweden wanted to drop “case” but UK insisted they continue!

mentions 7) @UN expert legal panel did a 17month investigation into Julians then 6 year detention WITHOUT charge.

UK, Sweden & Julian gave written submissions.

In 2016 @UN concluded Julian “arbitrarily (illegally) detained by UK/Sweden since his arrest in 2010 & ordered his release

mentions 8) Swedish prosecutor under pressure finally agreed to interview Julian at the Ecuador Embassy & theinvestigation was then dropped WITHOUT ANY CHARGES!

mentions 9) Despite losing an appeal against the @UN umpire, the UK at the direction of the US continued to unlawfully detain Julian.

They continued to violate his human health rights refusing him access to fresh air, exercise, sun/vitD , proper medical care for 6 years.

mentions 10) Politically motivated sex allegations against Julian by Sweden were to:

*Undermine global support by smearing him as a ‘rapist’

*Extradite him to Sweden where he could be easily/quickly be extradited under low test”Temporary Surrender’ clause in Swedish/US Bilateral Treaty

mentions 11) To unseal & serve a secret US Grand Jury Indictment, the target must first be in custody.

Sweden has NO bail for foreigners.

By extraditing Julian “For questioning” to Sweden he would be immediately detained in jail

The US Indictment could then be unsealed & served on him

mentions 12) Sweden also first choice for smearing Julian as a ‘rapist’

*In Sweden you be charged with ‘rape’ for non violent consensual sex

*Swedish rape trials are in secret..

*3 of 4 of those presiding over rape trials are politically appointed “lay judges” without legal training

mentions 13) The ONLY reason Sweden detained Julian “for questioning” on state rape allegations for 6 YRS but refused to actually question him was to hold him for the US

If he had been charged, Sweden would have to present EVIDENCE & they had NONE!

mentions 14) Sweden dropped ‘rape’ ‘case’ in 2016 leaving no warrant to detain Julian to serve US Indictment

So UK dragged up old UK warrant attatched to now dropped Swedish warrant

& charged him with bail violation for seeking political asylum in 2012 from US threats against his life

mentions 15) Politically motivated Swedish STATE ‘rape’ claims against Julian have been dropped/revived twice from 2010 to 2016

Theyre part of 9 year political persecution over his @wikileaks journalism

This 3rd revival is to undermine his support in lead up to US Extradition hearing

mentions 16) My previous statements are based on court docs, FOI docs, Swedish US & UK govt docs, witness statements & evidence which can be viewed at justice4assange.com

The largest data base in the world on Sweden V Assange

Set up by a legal researcher for journalists


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