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John Selwyn Gummer, Baron Deben PC (born 26 November 1939 in StockportCheshire) is a British Conservative Party politician, formerly Member of Parliament (MP) for Suffolk Coastal and now a member of the House of Lords.[1]

Lord Deben is Chairman of the UK’s independent Committee on Climate Change. He also chairs the sustainability consultancy Sancroft International, recycler Valpak,[2] GLOBE International – the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment, the Association of Professional Financial Advisers and Veolia Water UK.[3] He is a non-executive director of Veolia Voda, The Catholic Herald and the Castle Trust – a mortgage and investment firm.[4][5] He is also a trustee of climate change charity Cool Earth[6] and the ocean conservation charity, Blue Marine Foundation.[7]

Gummer stood down from the House of Commons at the 2010 general election and was appointed to the House of Lords as Lord Deben.[8]

Gummer attended King’s School, Rochester, before going to Selwyn CollegeCambridge, where he read History. Whilst there, as chairman of the Cambridge University Conservative Association and later President of the Cambridge Union Society, he was a member of what became known as the Cambridge Mafia – a group of future Conservative Cabinet ministers, including Leon BrittanMichael HowardKenneth ClarkeNorman Lamont, and Norman Fowler.



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#Anothermustreadat the Slog

Backing Boris, Echos of Why Trump. What does Narcissus tell us about the New Classicist PM? A PM we can all Look Up to? “His last words as he looked into the familiar pool were ‘Alas, in vain, beloved boy!’ and the place echoed every word, and when he said ‘Goodbye!’ Echo also said ‘Goodbye!’” Bojo a political Metamorphoses?, Skripal and the Road to Damascus.


Why Trump?  Why Boris?



Donald Trump  Boris has been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny and many serious charges have been laid at his door. Some will say he is condemned by his own words and of course it seems to be true that Mr Trump Mr Boris Johnsson is less than the ideal of the Platonic Aristocrat, schooled in the pursuit of Arete, Virtuous Excellence.

If you read the Original Article on Why Trump was a better pick than Hilary Clinton the same arguments apply equally well to Boris Johnsson.

”By chance, the boy, separated from his faithful band of followers, had called out ‘Is anyone here?’ and ‘Here’ Echo replied. He is astonished, and glances everywhere, and shouts in a loud voice ‘Come to me!’ She calls as he calls. He looks back, and no one appearing behind, asks ‘Why do you run from me?’ and receives the same words as he speaks. He stands still, and deceived by the likeness to an answering voice, says ‘Here, let us meet together’. And, never answering to another sound more gladly, Echo replies ‘Together’, and to assist her words comes out of the woods to put her arms around his neck, in longing. He runs from her, and running cries ‘Away with these encircling hands! May I die before what’s mine is yours.’ She answers, only ‘What’s mine is yours!’”

Ovid, Metamorphoses Bk III:359-401 How Juno altered Echo’s speech

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Or Is Boris a confirmed Narcissus, will he remain committed to the Egotistical rules-based international order of the Rovian Actors in history.
Boris as an Augustine confessor returning from the Manichean dark side of the lies based globalist order? To a free trade internationalism of meritocratic one nation, Churchillian safety net, Pragmatism? Time will tell.
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Ben wallace MP Spokesman for Military Industrial Complex (Skripal, WMD,s…via @YouTube #BOJOPM through the Ben Wallace Lens? Where is #SteveBaker