Backing Boris, Echos of Why Trump. What does Narcissus tell us about the New Classicist PM? A PM we can all Look Up to? “His last words as he looked into the familiar pool were ‘Alas, in vain, beloved boy!’ and the place echoed every word, and when he said ‘Goodbye!’ Echo also said ‘Goodbye!’” Bojo a political Metamorphoses?, Skripal and the Road to Damascus.


Why Trump?  Why Boris?



Donald Trump  Boris has been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny and many serious charges have been laid at his door. Some will say he is condemned by his own words and of course it seems to be true that Mr Trump Mr Boris Johnsson is less than the ideal of the Platonic Aristocrat, schooled in the pursuit of Arete, Virtuous Excellence.

If you read the Original Article on Why Trump was a better pick than Hilary Clinton the same arguments apply equally well to Boris Johnsson.

”By chance, the boy, separated from his faithful band of followers, had called out ‘Is anyone here?’ and ‘Here’ Echo replied. He is astonished, and glances everywhere, and shouts in a loud voice ‘Come to me!’ She calls as he calls. He looks back, and no one appearing behind, asks ‘Why do you run from me?’ and receives the same words as he speaks. He stands still, and deceived by the likeness to an answering voice, says ‘Here, let us meet together’. And, never answering to another sound more gladly, Echo replies ‘Together’, and to assist her words comes out of the woods to put her arms around his neck, in longing. He runs from her, and running cries ‘Away with these encircling hands! May I die before what’s mine is yours.’ She answers, only ‘What’s mine is yours!’”

Ovid, Metamorphoses Bk III:359-401 How Juno altered Echo’s speech

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Or Is Boris a confirmed Narcissus, will he remain committed to the Egotistical rules-based international order of the Rovian Actors in history.
Boris as an Augustine confessor returning from the Manichean dark side of the lies based globalist order? To a free trade internationalism of meritocratic one nation, Churchillian safety net, Pragmatism? Time will tell.
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Ben wallace MP Spokesman for Military Industrial Complex (Skripal, WMD,s…
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    To underestimate Boris is a Mistake for anyone. Time will tell how Britains Future pans out. Corbyn has made a mistake in embracing the so-called people’s vote, in my own view. On CUrrent trajectory Boris will get Uk out of Europe and win the following Election, that will make the job of those of us who opposed Boris’s policies on GM food and Fracking for instance much more difficult. I am of the Left but have always been a Libertarian Mario, sadly the Left these days is a sad parade of Middle-class Identitarian virtue signalling, Boris will eat those naive and hard of thinking Climate and SJW warriors for Breakfast. He also used the Climate Change buzz words, a real clue that he is an Authoritarian at Heart as a Libertarian that above anything causes me to oppose him, at this stage though he is doing a necessary Job, and it is being made easier by the Undermining of Cormyn by Watson, Benn, Cooper etc.

    1. Mario Crisan
      Mario Crisan Roger Lewis I don’t underestimate him, I simply think he’s an idiot who has the opposite values than I have, values given by parents and education.
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      Roger Lewis
      Roger Lewis Hi Mario, I agree with you Boris Johnson would not be someone I would ever wish for as a Freind or even acquaintance.
      He does have qualities and political skills, not least his ability to put together effective teams. His appointment of Dominic Cummings is very astute, I rate cummings very highly he is the opposite of Boris Johnson…/dominic…/
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      Dominic Cummings, No One Likes Him and He Don’t Care! Brino Deplorable, Bad boy and all round Jolly Good Egg. #Brino #ConquestofDough
      Dominic Cummings, No One Likes Him and He Don’t Care! Brino…
      Dominic Cummings, No One Likes Him and He Don’t Care! Brino Deplorable, Bad boy and all round Jolly Good Egg. #Brino #ConquestofDough
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      Mario Crisan
      Mario Crisan Roger Lewis he definitely has his chance now to prove that but I’m not very hopeful. Iran and Brexit hard tasks and he’s a joker the only quality I’ve noticed so far.
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      · Reply · 16m
      Roger Lewis
      Roger Lewis Hi Mario, I am sceptical as to the Priorities on his post-Brexit Agenda, I do though think he with Cummings will deliver Brexit, with or without a deal. I am Agnostic on Deal or no deal but do support Brexit. The reason I am not agnostic on Brexit as I once was is that the EU has deteriorated to over Authoritarian QUasi Stalinism.
      The Establishments Foreign Policy which Boris has headed as Foreign Secretary is not as advertised, this is true of All Foreign Policy in all States, Not least the USA where The Trump presidency will see another 4 years I am pretty sure. This is to the Advantage of those people that support a form of Small c conservative Internationalism and Genuine Free trade and Not Crony Financialised Capitalism. I suspect Boris is one of the Crony Squad, as is Trump I think, they are though preferable to the Stalinists of the EUssr and Obamas Muslim Brotherhood.
      When you throw in the Zionist Lobby things get seriously complicated, especially if as I do you identify with the Israeli Left wing and oppose Netanyahu.