THE PAEDOFILE: A conflict of interest waiting to become a scandal

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How to protect every paedophile in Britain

International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst a disgrace that this acquisition is being allowed to go ahead.

This latest acquisition by Core Assets – a rapidly expanding service supplier in the children and families sector – may make eminent sense for their business, but it makes no sense at all on the dimensions of justice and a level playing field for dysfunctional families; and while I would stress that absolutely no scandal I know of attaches to CAG, we must all wake up here and work out how paedophile rings operate.

Established in 2001, Carter Brown Associates delivers what it calls ‘bespoke expert witness services to legal professionals who operate in the family courts’. For those…

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THE SOHO CONNECTIONS: Johnny Go Home – 1975

Johnny Go Home (1975)

Main image of Johnny Go Home (1975)
Yorkshire Television for ITV, tx. 22/7/1975

DirectorJohn WillisProducerJohn WillisPhotographyFrank Pocklington


Two-part investigation of the dangers facing teenagers who leave home for the bright lights of London.

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The July 1975 screening of Yorkshire Television’s Johnny Go Home across the ITV network had tremendous impact on viewers. That it is largely unknown by those not young enough to have seen it then is partly down to the simple fact that in the case of documentaries, even landmark television is rarely repeated (Johnny did remain available as part of the 16mm library of the Concord Films Council, an active distributor of films of social and educational value). It must also be something to do with its investigative, crusading style. It’s still compelling – if not shocking – viewing, but made for the moment rather than with an eye on posterity. The same can be said of other work by John Willis, in particular the series First Tuesday (ITV, 1983-93) and the controversial From the Cradle to the Grave (ITV, 1985).

Here Willis produces, directs, narrates and briefly appears on screen. Because of events that unexpectedly occurred during shooting, his programme eventually doubled in length and was screened in two discrete parts. ‘The End of the Line’, shown at 9pm, followed the case histories of a 17 year-old girl hardened to her homelessness and, Tommy, a 12 year-old Scottish boy seen arriving at Euston Station as the documentary begins. The boy’s plight deeply affected viewers, forcing attention on the Dickensian images and grim statistics.

During production, a murder took place in one of the local hostels. The crew realised they had filmed many of those involved. With police permission they began documenting the unfolding investigation: ‘The Murder of Billy Two-Tone’ became the second half of Johnny Go Home, screened after the ITV 10pm news bulletin. It forensically uncovers the facts behind the killing, centring on the hostel’s owner. His housing empire turns out to be based on sexual exploitation, religious cultishness, financial corruption – and bureaucratic ineptitude unable to see these behind his persuasively respectable front.

The two ‘films’ have similar styles, but the second has greater urgency. It may feel an opportunistic means of sensationalising the first film’s theme. But it also cleverly recalls it. Some footage is replayed: now-sinister scenes which had seemed innocent when first shown. An interview with the victim’s mother echoes that with Tommy’s. Willis isn’t crass enough to imply that Tommy is headed for the same fate as his older compatriot, but leaves us in no doubt as to the ugliness and danger of modern homelessness.

Patrick Russell



In 1975 Granada TV showed a ground-breaking documentary on young runaways and life on the “meat rack” in London’s West End.

As the programme makers filmed, real life events took over the storyline and a simple, (albeit shocking in itself) documentary turned in to a double-length programme that covered the real life, seedy, gritty, dangerous world of Piccadilly ‘rent boys’ when one of them was found dead.  The man they had been filming as part of the documentary – Roger Gleaves (AKA ‘The Bishop of Medway) – was arrested and charged for sexual offences against young runaways and has since had a number of conviction and jail sentences.  The programme itself was so shocking that it was shown in two halves – one before the 10 o’clock news and the second part (which focused on the murder of Billy Two Tone) after the news.  The programme left an indelible mark on…

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@BlackwaterRive2, State Guide to Trolling the Web

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