Playland 1970-1975: When protecting ‘millionaires titled and influential’ paedophile punters becomes paramount.@MrTardigradeUK @2013Boodicca @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @RealM_Shrimpton @Albion_Rover #GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetSamizdat #GrubStreetDissidentContent


This site is so comprehensively damning of the venality debauchery and perversion of the British Establishment it tears your heart out.
The Rottenenss of the Establishment over Generations is Laid Bear.
For the Love of God, these maniacs must be stopped.


Published ten years ago, Piers McGrandle’s biography of Trevor Huddleston gives another insight into the rule of law in operation when applied to those with a reputation deemed valuable enough to protect. [Scroll down for Chapter 24: ‘Collapse’ pp 151 – 160 at the bottom of this post]



1962: An MP on trial, the Solicitor-General his Defence Counsel and Macmillan’s timely Night of the Long Knives (13th July)

Horobin in 1934, National Portrait Gallery,

Sir Ian Horobin MPLaurens Van Der Post Will Black’s recent article for his Huffington Post blog here asks whether Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle wasn’t more window dressing designed to distract from the ongoing pressure on the Palace of Westminster to take itself seriously as just another institution under investigation for child abuse allegations? 52 years earlier on the same date, 13th July, Harold Macmillan, Conservative Prime Minister, culled one third of his Cabinet. Remarkably, at the time of the reshuffle, a resolutely unremorseful Sir Ian Horobin MP (Con. Oldham East) was due to stand trial five days later  for a number of indecent assaults on teenage boys during 1958-1961 as reported in The Times on 16 May 1962. Horobin, aged 31 had briefly been Conservative MP for Southwark for a term between the wars (1931 – 1934) and didn’t return to politics until 6 years after the war in 1951 as MP for greater Manchester constituency Oldham East. We get a taste for Horobin’s enthusiasm in a letter to the Editor of The Times written 10 years before his conviction:Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 14.36.30

 “May I intervene in the correspondence about research into youth work? My only qualification is 30 years’ slogging hard work in one small corner of that field. I do so to say heaven preserve us from any more inquiries…”

Bits of Books, Mostly Biographies

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 20.47.25

The amusement arcade that ‘became a den of vice’ with a clientele which included ‘millionaires, titled and influential people’  

a slave market where runaway boys are lured with false pleasures and turned into donkeys, beasts of burden for the hidden desires of a sick society…Young bodies are not slot machines for greedy lusts that lurk in the closet’ [Johnny Come Home,  Jake Arnott, 2007]

Spotlight on Abuse: The Playland Cover-Up

Mid Heath’s term as Prime Minister, the Evening Standard’s fourth page headline ran ‘Amusement centre that ‘became a den of vice.” (1 March 1972). Memories of Playland and its reputation have left their mark in fiction too. More recently, Jake Arnott chose the Piccadilly Circus arcade as a location for a bomb planted by the Angry Brigade in Johnny Come Home. Published in 2007 but set in 1972, the same year as the first Playland Trial, the…

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15 thoughts on “Playland 1970-1975: When protecting ‘millionaires titled and influential’ paedophile punters becomes paramount.@MrTardigradeUK @2013Boodicca @financialeyes @JoeBlob20 @RealM_Shrimpton @Albion_Rover #GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetSamizdat #GrubStreetDissidentContent

  1. On the contrary, if anyone had exercised improper influence over the case it had been Moody who had been so keen to protect Frankie the Barber! Even worse, I had heard whispers about the Assistant DPP who had a reputation as a paedophile and regular visitor to a dirty book shop in Spring Street, Paddington, and certainly had attended several of the regular, Friday night film shows screened by the Dirty Squad in their second floor offices at the Yard. p.52 Romeo Spy


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