1968-1970: Albany Trust, Peter Righton, Antony Grey and Ian Greer. Paedophilia and Kompromat, a very successful tool for perpetuating structures of power and maintaining those power structures. #GrubStreetSamizdat #GrubStreetJournal #GrubStreetDissidentContent


Paedophilia and Kompromat, a very successful tool for perpetuating structures of power and maintaining those power structures.


Greer is an Interesting Bridge Between the Early to Late late 70’s Intrigues of the PIE circle of influence and the Thatcher Years up to Cash for Questions. Prior to this Period, There is Lord Boothby and Profumo and the links backwards to Macmillan. Forwards from Greer We then get to the Brighton Conference Orgies, Dolphin Square Via The Satanic Ritual Abuse Scandals in Cleveland, with various Revelations and Cover-ups.

All the While the British Establishment Perversions Carry on unbroken, The Latest coverup a bait and switch centred around Carl Beech ( Nick), which is very strongly analogous to The Pizza Gate Affair.

All the while similar events have  also  played out in The USA with MK Ultra and the Franklin Boys homes revelations through to today Geoffrey Epstein before him Roy Kohn and of Course Then there is Europe during the Cold War era and the Post Cold War era, with Kompramat, Control Files Detroux and here in Sweden


Carine Hutsebaut
1st April 2017
Paedofilic networks – victims and offenders – Satanism and rituals

Carine Hutsebaut is a psychotherapist and criminologist from Belgium. She has attended numerous sessions as a ‘profiler’, worked for more than 30 years as a therapist for violated children and has worked with paedophiles. She has met some of society’s worst criminals in prison (including the FBI centre in Quantico, USA, which was made famous by the film Silence of the Lambs). Her reasoning was to try to understand the way they think and act. She is also the founder of ICMAC (the International Centre for Molested and Abducted Children) and she has written a number of books in Dutch, French and English.

Controlled Opposition, Glossy Anarchy, ROar Magazine and Caution advised "Open Mind" Conference.

The coverup goes into overdrive, The Establishment is attempting to put a clear line in the sand, Heath is a no go area? The path to this is through Johnny Come Home, Saville, and the Barabra Castle dossier, not to be confused with the better known Dickens Dossier, the Detroux affair is also of interest.
There is also a contemporaneous case in Sweden of a controversial documentary re satanic child abuse.

I have been studying this matter for several years now and the route I outline above seems to me to be the most heavily defended, memory-holed and generally deleted from the Web. Much of the coverage is bait and switch I am beginning to think that Dame Allen Roberts may be part of the subterfuge, and I do wonder why he deleted this article so quickly,


Any which way Dame Aluns Twitter feed has a huge amount of relevant mainstream reported Conspiracy Fact regarding the Debauchery of the Paedophile establishment.


That said the cognitive dissonance in this area of the underbelly of the Lies Based International Order, does tend to turn mere shadows into monsters. Of course just because I know I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me, as the old joke goes.


With the number of false trails and lower order sacrificed pawns that have been thrown up over the years by the Paedophile establishment it does behove all those wishing to shine a light into this festering cesspit of Estabölishment venal hypocrisy to sieve the material and sift the Conspiracy theory and planted falsehoods and decoys from the Conspiracy Facts which are usually just one or two clicks away or pages down in the results already in one’s browser.


Its a tough subject, ISGP is the most comprehensive database, It has to be taken in small doses, certainly that is what I have found, The Layers through which one travels to get to the genuine material are designed to entrap, pervert, demoralise, compromise, deter, warn, threaten, Gaslight and so on .
ISGP and WikiSpooks are both I think good sources, having spoken with one of the founders of Wikispooks and Deep Politics blog, I am fairly certain that the People behind it are White HAt folk, some of who are on the inside or have come from the inside and maintain ties with Institutional structures of the Police, military intelligence and security services. The problem we face is that Key positions in the Establishment are at the critical decision points. At Home Secretary for instance. Has Pretti Patel got any sexual Kompromat form, we know there is almost certainly Financial Kompromat? With Epstein and with the Paedophilia perverts it is important to realise that the objective is not the Perverted act but the tools made available by the recording of evidence of the act.

The people who protect the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are complicit in the promotion of the behaviour and corruption and recruitment of others to promote their other Agendas.

The Ceremonial aspects of re-enforcing hierarchical structures have all the same components as Hazing rituals in any close-knit team-based, group.
Of all the means at the state’s disposal to control people Paedophilia and Child Murder are the most difficult to bear for normally socialised human beings, It really is almost impossible to write about, talk about and certainly to rationalise into a plan of action to get it stopped, not least because it goes all the way to the Top and has clearly proven a very successful tool for perpetuating structures of power and maintaining those power structures within a chosen group indoctrinated to and bound to its belief systems, values and objectives.


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