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How Cyril Smith Outwitted Barbara Castle in the Strange Case of the Paedophiles at the Home Office

Written By: Andrew Rosthorn
Published: July 24, 2014 Last modified: October 25, 2016

Barbara Castle passed internal Home Office documents to a journalist in an extraordinary personal battle with civil servants, various supporters of the Paedophile Information Exchange and the MP for Rochdale.
She lost her fight with Cyril Smith early one morning in 1984 when twelve uniformed and three plain clothes police officers surrounded the offices of the Bury Messenger free newspaper.
Three men, identifying themselves as Special Branch, seized 30 pages of documents from a young newspaper editor under the false pretext that he was about to breach a government D-notice.
The deputy secretary of the present-day Defence, Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee, Air Commodore David Adams, told reporter Garrick Alder in an email last week there is no archive record of a D-notice:

The only person who issues D Notice advice is the Secretary of the DA Notice Committee. We have, nevertheless, in connection with similar enquiries, searched the available archives for any D Notices that may have been issued during the period in question and have found none.

Despite having served as a cabinet minister, despite being a privy councillor and despite being a member of the European parliament, Barbara Castle was outgunned by the Liberal MP for Rochdale and his police contacts in London.


The young editor was Don Hale, a 31 year old former professional footballer for Bury ‘just keeping the seat warm’ at the Bury Messenger office very early in his career as an editor.
Now 61, with an OBE for his notable campaign as the editor of the Matlock Mercury, helping to overturn the unsafe conviction of Stephen Downing who had served 27 years of a life sentence for the murder of Wendy Sewell, Hale says he got to know Barbara Castle when he was a contributor at the BBC local radio station in Blackburn.
In 1979, after a record 34 years as MP for Blackburn, she handed over her safe Labour seat to her former political adviser Jack Straw.
As Margaret Thatcher was coming to power, Barbara Castle ran for election as a member of the European parliament, standing at the age of 69 in a ‘first past the post’ contest for Greater Manchester North.

John Hume MEP, Barbara Castle MEP and Ted Castle, former MEP, in Brussels.

The European constituency she won in 1979 included Rochdale, the home town and power base of her nemesis.

Cyril Smith had been Labour mayor of the town in 1966, owned a metal spring manufacturing firm and 1,300 concealed shares in the town’s leading manufacturer – the world’s largest asbestos producer – Turner & Newall.

SmithElection small

Smith switched parties to win Rochdale for the Liberals in 1972, holding the seat for five elections thereafter. In 1981 he wrote to Turner & Newall, asking them to draft his Commons speech against the forthcoming EEC public health restrictions on the import and production of asbestos. He declared: “The public at large are not at risk. It is necessary to say that time and time again.”
In 1982 he used parliamentary privilege to accuse Yorkshire Television of lying about asbestos in their celebrated documentary Alice – Fight For Life which featured Alice Jefferson, 47, suffering from malignant pleural mesothelioma 30 years after working for 9 months at the Cape asbestos mill in Hebden Bridge.

Don Hale, now living in North Wales, described how Barbara Castle took to dropping in at his newspaper office, a former bank in Silver Street, Bury.


Barbara Betts had worked her way from Love Lane Elementary School, via Bradford Girls Grammar School and St Hugh’s College, Oxford, to a seat on St Pancras Borough Council in 1937.
She had been a reporter on Tribune and the housing correspondent of the Daily Mirror in 1944.
Her lover, William Mellor, who died in 1942, when she was serving as an air raid warden in the London blitz, had been editor of Tribune and the top-selling Daily Herald.
Her late husband Ted Castle had been night editor of the Daily Mirror and editor of Picture Post.
Yet in 1984 here she was asking for help from the editor of the Bury Messenger free sheet.

Don Hale remembers:

She was feeling a little bit isolated in those days. I was a firebrand and a socialist. She would come on her own to see me but her assistant would phone first to make an appointment.

I had been asked to come in and sort things out at Eddy Shah’s Bury Messenger. He sold out later and after eighteen months the new owners eventually asked me to work in Derbyshire.

Barbara was quite angry one day and said, “I’ve been working on something – I don’t suppose you’d be able to help me. I don’t mind you bringing my name into it.”

She was objecting to the funding of the Paedophile Information Exchange and concerned about the speed of their infiltration among the civil servants and the number of prominent names apparently supporting them. She was horrified at the prospect of Parliament approving legalised sex with children, often under the guise of educating them, and mentioned an influx of rent boys and unsavoury and unfortunate situations that had been covered up by the authorities.

When I asked her to give me something more substantial she pulled about thirty A4 pages out of a battered briefcase absolutely chocker with stuff.

The pages included cuttings from the PIE magazine Magpie, documents from the PIE and the National Council for Civil Liberties and a list of the names of about sixteen MPs she thought were involved. There was also a list of about 30 prominent people in the North West and a list of speakers for PIE.

It was enough to make a splash for the paper. A lot of what she was claiming came from agenda for meetings at the Home Office. There were Home Office headings on the minutes of meetings and Home Office headings on lists of people present at meetings or reasons for the non-attendance of others. The name of Cyril Smith did not appear.

I agreed to run something the following week and set about contacting the Home Office and certain people mentioned. The names of Sir Keith Joseph MP and Dr Rhodes Boyson MP cropped up.

When I explained the detailed nature of the information and that I couldn’t reveal my source, you could almost hear a pin drop. The officials were unsure what to say or do. I was in the middle of it.

Quite a lot of Liberals were mentioned in the documents, so I spoke to their former leader, Jeremy Thorpe. That’s what prompted Cyril Smith to turn up in my office in Bury. Barbara had never made any allegations against him.

He was very angry. He tried to persuade me that it was all poppycock. He said Barbara had got her “knickers in a twist” since leaving the House and had become bored with wine lakes and sugar mountains in Europe. He played down the whole episode and wanted an assurance that I wouldn’t run anything. I wouldn’t give it.

After the visit from Cyril Smith came the visit from Special Branch. There was a knock on the door of the office at around 8:00 one morning. It was amazing. Three SB men with London accents came inside. Some of the uniformed men stayed outside. They all flashed warrant cards. They showed me two pieces of paper. One looked like a search warrant with a warning. They were a rough bunch.

One of them said, “I have a D-Notice here and a search warrant signed by a judge. This is in response to a call made to Leon Brittan’s department. That was how they put it. They didn’t say they came from the Home Office.

They pushed me into a corner and one of them said, “Let me assure you that this story is not in the public interest. It cannot be printed, as a matter of national security. We’re not here to argue, Are you going to hand over your papers?

“If you don’t comply with this notice, we will arrest you for perverting the course of justice. You will be liable for up to ten years in prison. We can arrest you straight away if we believe you are going to publish.”

They knew Barbara had been to see me. They knew Cyril Smith had been round. Most of the documents were together in one folder. So it didn’t take them long. They picked up my own typewriter saying: “We’re taking that in case you’ve been forging documents.”

There was nothing I could do to resist. I’d never seen a D-Notice in my career and I was on a very temporary contract keeping the seat warm for another editor.

My Bury police contact was utterly shocked. He knew nothing about it. A day or two later the local police told me: “It was a visit from the London mob. We were not briefed.”

When I told Barbara, she said, “I thought that might happen.”

I told her, “I wish you’d told me. I could have copied them.”

She said she had only a small band of supporters. She felt like a lone wolf. Her supporters in Parliament felt their seats were threatened. The presence of the PIE group had become accepted.

It was a hot potato thing. It had an effect on me years later. Facing the task of investigating the conviction of Stephen Downing for a murder he had not committed, I was determined not to let it happen again.

When the files on Stephen’s case were lost in transit by a courier taking them from the Home Office in London to the Criminal Cases Review Commission in Birmingham. I had copies ready for the CCRC.

Don Hale in 2013, author of Mallard: How the Blue Streak Broke the World Steam Speed Record, on the footplate of an A4 Pacific.

Top Picture courtesy of Cotton Town and the Lancashire Telegraph

The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” . . . “Paper is poverty. It is the ghost of money and not money itself.”– Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826 “Wall Street Wall Street Uber Ales”.


“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” . . . “Paper is poverty. It is the ghost of money and not money itself.”– Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826

Social Media is a consumer of self-worth and manufacturer of fragile EGO, narcissism, and delusion. There is a Welsh bloke who regularly interviews Paul Craig Roberts, the Welsh bloke spends most of his questions blowing smoke up PCRś arse. A remarkable thing about James Corbett ( also based in Japan) is how fresh he keeps his work and even with James, I can’t stomach watching the regular segment he was chatting with some other guy for an inordinate length of time.
The Musk Letter from Greenlight is pretty solid I am sure. The Management of Expectations in the tech market is not something that anyone has got the hang of and anyone that does is fired for being a Cassandra. Things are complicated in that as with Solar, Wind and Energy storage technologies there is real progress but also the reality that The existing paradigm cannot be ditched anytime soon and is, in fact, part of the solution and not the problem which the new technologies are solving.
I think the problem is one of not only expectations but also of spinning what the PR people hope will be self-fulfilling prophecies, the Rove type Actors in History idea. In itself, the Actors in history idea is just a variation of Hans Christian Andersons “Emperor’s new clothes “
If we are headed for a Repeat of 2008/9 and a new Lehmans moment Mike ? where will the preferred Scapegoats come from? Musk would be more like another Enron than another Lehmans? Theresa May blamed New Labour and Profligacy in public spending for the 2008/9 crisis in here Speech at the Tory conference, The Austerity Narrative is still very raw and how much of the current economic malaise on main street be laid at the door of Austerity and too much of newly created debt-based money going into pumping up the financialised economy?

Tesla is a small part of a bigger picture, what the real budget is to get the show back on the road rests in the availability of Energy and Resources which are properly directed to areas of real market need as opposed to artificially created Market wants? This is obscured by the nonsense narratives of Money as a scarce resource. I suspect that Bezos ( Amazon) and Zuckerberg ( Facebook) UBER possibly, may be in the crosshairs for scapegoating as well. Personally, I would be looking at the Hedge Funds/Private equity funds which are in fact just a new front for what we used to call Merchant Banks, Black Rock and the long list of familiar names in the MEGA m&A action are where I think the Crosshairs should be trained but, I suspect that yet again the next crisis will see Banks getting away with it and ending up with the Jewels in the pile of shit, one of which in all likelihood will end up being Tesla,  This article has stood out in my mind from what I have read over the past month

Dr Michael Hundson, author of a new book, ‘… and forgive them their debts’, about the history of debt forgiveness. Hudson explains that the rulers of Byzantium wiped out the savings of rich people by forgiving debts because cancelling debts does not cause economic crises but prevents them. He explained that the Bronze Age Babylonians had worked out the mathematics of this. Compound interest grows exponentially, whereas productivity can only grow linearly, and so whatever the interest rate, national debt will eventually outstrip productivity. Forgiving debt seems to me to be rough justice for the individual, but the rulers weren’t so interested in the individual; they were interested in keeping the economy going, and having a stock of fit young people for their wars. I’ve got the book on order, but in the meantime I’ve been looking at a review of the topic, written in 2012, which makes reference to the work of Michael Hudson, titled, ‘The long tradition of debt cancellation in Mesopotamia and Egypt from the 3rd to the 1st millennium BC JC’.

Zero Hedge

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Uber Burned $600 Million In Q2: Key Results

With Uber once again in the media spotlight, following yesterday’s WSJ report that several mutual funds have – for the first time ever – cut their valuation of the world’s most valuable private company by up to 15%, and today’s lengthy Reuters expose questioning just what the company’s true value is, moments ago Uber’s Q2 financials were leaked courtesy of Axios, which reports the following summary: gross bookings up 17% in Q2, number of trips taken up 150% in the past year while the company’s adjusted loss fell modestly while EBITDA improved fractionally.

Still, despite a modest improvement in operations, the company still burned $600 million in Q2, reducing its cash from $7.2Bn to $6.6Bn.

Some more details, via Axios:

  • Gross bookings rose 17% in the second quarter to $8.7 billion (and doubled from a year earlier).
  • Adjusted net revenue was $1.75 billion in Q2 vs $1.5 billion in Q1 and around $800 million in Q2 2016.
  • Adjusted net loss fell almost 9% quarter-over-quarter to $645 million and over 14% year-over-year.
  • Q2 EBITDA loss was $534 million, down from $598 million in Q1. Uber’s global ride-share business was margin positive last quarter, which is a flip from Q1.
  • Global trips increased 150% year-over-year, including 90% growth in developed markets and over 250% growth in developing markets. This excludes China, which Uber exited last summer in exchange for an equity stake in Didi Chuxing. It includes Russia, where Uber’s recently-announced partnership with Yandex has yet to be approved by local regulators.
  • Revenue note: Uber is no longer reporting adjusted net revenue to its investors, due to new guidance from the SEC.
  • Cash: $6.6 billion at quarter’s end, down from around $7.2 billion at the end of Q1.
  • Tips: Uber drivers have earned around $50 million in tips between when the program was rolled out in select markets on June 20 and the beginning of this week. For context, Lyft reported a similar $50 million figure for a 2.5 month period ending in the middle of this past June, but that was for a longer time period and for all of its markets (Lyft originally launched tipping nearly five years ago, generating over $250 million to date).

All in all, a modest improvement but not nearly enough to leave a major dent in the company’s cash burning ways. Still, it is an improvement: putting Uber’s roughly $600MM in quarterly cash burn in context, it is roughly half that of Tesla, which as reported earlier last month, burned through a record $1.16 billion in the second quarter.






Matthew Ehret

August 7, 2019
© Photo: Flickr

With the recent discussion of the collapse of the western system of banking (and neo-liberal ‘post-truth’ values more generally) a serious overview of the post-WWII stripping down of nation states is in order. Over the past couple of weeks, various figures like France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and American Senator Elizabeth Warren have called for a re-organization of the banking system with Le Maire saying on July 13 that the Bretton Woods “has reached its limits”, and Warren stating on July 22 that “the country’s economic foundation is fragile. A single shock could bring it all down.” It is no secret that the western nations sit atop the largest financial bubble in human history with global derivatives estimated at $550 trillion to $1.2 quadrillion.

As refreshing as it is to hear such candid admissions of the system’s failure from high level political figures, when asked what they wish will replace this bankrupt order, neither Le Maire nor Warren have any desire to work with the Russia-China Belt and Road alliance and are unfortunately on record supporting policies cooked up by the very same oligarchs they appear to despise in the form of the Green New Deal. In spite of what many of its progressive proponents would wish, such a global green reform would not only impose Malthusian depopulation upon nation states globally were it accepted, but would establish a the supranational authority of a technocratic managerial elite as enforcers of a “de-carbonization agenda”.

Due to the rampant lack of comprehension of how this crisis was created such that such idiotic proposals as “green new deals” are now seriously being suggested as remedies to our current ills, a bit of history is in order.

Some necessary background

“The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. The measure of the restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit.”

– Franklin Delano Roosevelt, first Inaugural Address 1933