Anyone who’s no one is vying to be in the GNU. What Gina Miller started Boris can finish by borrowing The English Democrats Clothes. Judicial review, The remainers first own goal. #Grub Street Journal


My Old Brief Alan MacClean QC is a member of these chambers as is Sir James Eadie,
is the Author of the opinion.

That brings us to Robin Tillbrook and the English Democrats case.

Next week could be interesting.

The Slog

DSCN0275Reliable sources inform me that Gary Lineker is Ready to Lead as Prime Minister if required, despite the huge pay-cut this would involve. And although the emerging plans for a Government of National Unity seem so far to display a considerable amount of disunity about who will be doing what, there is a growing consensus that the Cabinet members being touted are solidly unified by one factor: the ability to live, breathe and prosper in a bubble of their own creation.


There is a certain cunning from the GNU crowd in trying once and for all to lay adventurist populism to rest by assembling a collection of stunningly unpopular hasbeens. The stunts are indeed cunning, as other Spoonerisms are stunning. One thinks of Harriet Harman and Ken Clarke having a heated debate in Cabinet, and the old fags-marketeer-to-the-Third-World saying “Yes dear” in a wonderfully archaic act of condescension.


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