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📘The Venetian Conspiracy by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
Address delivered to the ICLC Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, Easter Sunday, 1981; (appeared in Campaigner, September, 1981)
Venetian were responsible for picking up the German heretic Martin Luther and raising him to the big-time status… Not content with this wrecking operation against the Church, Venice was thereafter the “mother” for the unsavory, itinerant Ignatius of Loyola and his Jesuit order.
“The primary basis for Venetian opulence was slavery… practiced against Saracens, Mongols, Turks, and other non-Christians… it is conclusively documented standard Venetian practice to sell Christians into slavery. This included Italians and Greeks, Germans and Russians…
“… the harems of the entire Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans to Morocco, were stocked by Venetian slaves. The shock troops of the Ottoman Turkish armies, the Janissaries, were also largely provided by Venetian merchants.”
“In every instance the Venetians sought to skim the cream off the top of world trade. Their profit margins had to be sufficient to cover a “traditional” 20% interest rate, the financing of frequent wars, and maritime insurance premiums, in which they were pioneers.” #usurocracy
See also: Lloyds


🇦🇺🗞️The History Of Lloyds of London (1917)
by The Lone Hand

Two-page scan I cleaned-up and OCR’d.https://archive.org/details/HistoryOfLloydsOfLondon1917 

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“Venice lasted as long as it did because of the effective subordination of the oligarchs and families to the needs of the oligarchy as a whole…”

See quote:

“… thirty members of the Gran Consiglio were chosen at random, using colored balls whose Venetian name is the origin of the American word ballot…”
“decimated natives were continually replenished by waves of immigration, so much the Frenchman Philippe de Comynes, an adversary of Machiavelli, could report that the population was mostly foreigners… supplemented by an unending parade of festivals, spectacles, and carnivals.”
The modern-day bankster and government promoted ‘agenda’ comes to mind… ‘pride’ , ‘diversity’, ‘open-borders’…

“Reality was located in the fact that an elite of ten to fifteen families out of the one hundred fifty effectively ruled with an iron hand. Various Venetian diarists let the cat out of the bag… The regime ran everything, and offices of all types were routinely sold.”
A few modern-day succesors:

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“Venice had reacted to the invention of moveable-type printing by Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz in a way that foreshadowed the reaction of the British oligarchy in this century to radio, the movies, and television. They had immediately attempted to seize control of the new medium.”
1. “A free-trade deal” and
2. Triangulated conflict:

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🇫🇷📜Now consider this essay published by @transnotitia about “The Social Engineering of Identitarian Conflict” and ask yourself if there really are “two sides to every story”, and in-particular with regard to the above video.http://www.transnotitia.com/the-social-engineering-of-identitarian-conflict/ 

The Social Engineering of Identitarian Conflict

Social engineering is the planned, lasting and furtive modification of behavior. Unlike propaganda and manipulation, whose impacts are one-off and reversible (thus short-term), social engineering i…


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“… the essence of their strategic doctrine was something more abstruse, something sometimes described as the “collapse of empires” scenario. Venice parasitized the decline of much larger states, a decline that Venice itself strove to organize…”
“This valuable knowledge they obtained from Venetian merchants, men like Marco Polo’s father… So the great Marco Polo, and the Venetian family from which he came, was responsible for directing the destruction of Ghengis Khan against Europe.”
I have never seen sunsets like I saw in Venice. Can understand how the likes of J M W Turner were inspired in their paintings.
“They are hypocrites. They wish to appear as Christians before the world, but in reality they never think of God and, except for the state, which they regard as a deity, they hold nothing sacred, nothing holy.”

— Pope Pius II Piccolomino

“The banker Girolamo Priuli wrote in his diary that Agnadello had been a punishment for the sins of the Venetian nobility, among which he numbered arrogance, violation of promises, lechery in nunneries, sodomy, effeminate dress, and luxurious and lascivious entertainments.”
‘The symbol of Genoa was St. George the dragon-slayer, in reality no saint at all but a thinly disguised version of Perseus saving Andromeda by slaying the sea monster. The “George” is said to come from the Gorgon Medusa, whose head Perseus was carrying.
“What gave Luther and the rest of the Protestant reformers real clout was a publicity and diffusion of their ideas that owed much to the Venetian publishing establishment. The Venetian presses quickly turned out 40,000 copies of the writings of Luther, Calvin…”
“What does this sublime Venetian patrician have to do with the founding of the Jesuit order by that itinerant and deranged mystic, Ignatius of Loyola? Ignatius was the creature of Venice, and of Contarini in particular.”
‘In the years around 1570, accordingly, Venice became the site of the first example in Europe of what the French later termed “salons” for socializing and literary discussion…Here the seeds were sown that would later produce free-thinking… in a word, the Enlightenment.”
“Venice got control of the silver coming from the Americas, shifting to a silver standard from the previous gold standard. This silver was used to pay for the spices and other products from the East. Genoese received virtually the entire world’s circulating gold stocks.”
“Venice and Genoa were also the midwives for the great financial power growing up in Geneva, which specialized in controlling the French public debt and in fostering the delphic spirits of the Enlightenment.”
“Venice has continued very much alive. During the 19th century & up to our own time it has been the most important single incubator for fascist movements. Its military & financial power largely emigrated elsewhere, Venice’s importance for political culture is greater than ever.
📘”The Role of the Venetian Oligarchy in Reformation, Counter-reformation, Enlightenment, and the Thirty Years’ War ” by Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.

CLC Conference, 6 September 1992; appeared in New Federalist, April, 1993

“The essence of Venice is oligarchism, usury, slavery, and the cult of Aristotle. The traditional rate of interest was above 20%… Venice, like Byzantium, saw religion as a tool of state power, with new cults to be concocted as the need arose.” #usurocracy
The last point – is just like the cult-manufacturing machine employed by The British Empire since the 19th century and into the 20th.


Edward Bulwer-Lytton, an arch-priest of the Isis cult in Britain, was author of the Last Days of Pompeii which promulgated the Isis cult & novel Rienzi: story for one of Wagner’s 1st operas which became another manifesto of Nazismhttps://archive.org/details/lastdaysofpompe01lyttuoft https://archive.org/details/rienzi00lytt 

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Consider too how cult-leader Aleister Crowley was also a secret-agent for The British.


Starting a thread on:
“SECRET AGENT 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult” (2008)
By Richard B. Spencehttp://feralhouse.com/secret-agent-666/ 

Won’t quote much due to copyright issues but will reference anything interesting I find.

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“This painting hints at an important feature of Venetian method, namely the strategy of dominating culture, religion, and politics through the expedient of concocting a series of Aristotelian cults or schools which then contend among each other.”
“The League of Cambrai was the first broad coalition of European states against a nominally Christian nation… It included just about all of Europe. A painting by Palma Giovane in the Doge’s palace depicts Doge Loredan and the lion of St. Mark fighting Europa.”
“For Luther, the devil is an independent power who rules over the material world… According to such a Gnostic view, the material world is inherently bad, and only the spiritual world can be good. Something not so different was professed by the Bogomils.”
Aside: Let’s not forget another fake character who took on the same name:


Exposes The ‘Martin Luther’ (real name Michael) King Jr. Cult and related masonic celebrity links.https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/tkelly6785757/episodes/2018-04-21T20_07_43-07_00 

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‘These letters, first published in 1950, make Contarini the first Protestant, the undisputed caposcuola among those in Italy who argued for salvation ex sola fede, and who were called evangelicals, crypto-Protestants, or “spirituali,”
Germany, if unified, would be great, but because of the divisions which exist, they are only small. ”Venetian publishing & networks would now be mobilized to guarantee the spread of Lutheranism & its variants all over Germany in order to perpetuate & exacerbate these divisions.”
“Giorgi was author of De Harmonia Mundi (Venice 1525), a mystical work with influences deriving from Hebrew Cabala, & assured Henry VIII that the Biblical text applicable to his situation was Leviticus 18:16, in which marriage between a man & his brother’s wife was forbidden.”
“Giorgi remained at the English court until his death in 1540. Giorgi is reputed to have contributed mightily to the initiation of a school of Venetian pseudo- Platonic mysticism in England. This was later called Rosicrucianism.”
Shortly before the arrival of Giorgi, Thomas Cromwell replaced Cardinal Wolsey as chief adviser to Henry VIII. Cromwell had the marks of the Venetian agent, reportedly a mercenary in Italy during wars of the early 1500s, & was at one time the clerk or bookkeeper to a Venetian…
“The creation and preservation of a Protestant regime in England was one of the principal goals of Venetian policy. Wars between England and France, and between England and Spain, were the essence of Venetian policy.”
“… an overwhelmingly Venetian commission. This was the Consilium de Emendenda Ecclesia… The commission said nothing of oligarchism or usury, but gave all the blame to the excessive power which the Roman pontiffs had arrogated to themselves.”
“The reform undertaken by the Contarini commission was going in a very different direction… In 1539, Contarini was instrumental in convincing Paul III to approve the creation of Ignazio de Loyola’s Society of Jesus as a holy order.”
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