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I started storyboarding the Grub Street eco system yesterday with a legacy Wix site, a Beezer App connecting to you, John Ward and David Malone to start looking at ways to extract data from the web on AUthors as they register on the platform, The App should extract data as served by Google and Mozilla and then optimise metadata to secure better legacy search results for registered Writers/Filmmakers on the platform,

This Mother of all bumper stickers is attempting to capture the breadth of functionality condensed into the proposed Grub Street Journal App the App is a Librarian and Curator for multimedia creators and a Curator/Librarian Sensai teacher devils advocate reading group and search engine for the Journal Subscribers. Every Subscriber is an Editor. critic and is the completer of the Grey space.

Twitter Moment

NGram is a brilliant tool for lexigraphic contexts over time, meta tag generators spend a lot of effort seeking current search terms for the immediate news cycle, they are really focused upon managing her polarities to increase polarisation, limiting contexts and preventing the convergence of thought towards solutions. In an ideal world, the metadata would be utilised to enhance understanding and contexts of differences Integral theory and Jain Many sidedness also Maimonides points on the contradiction in esoterics in the Torah point to an Exegesis or hermeneutic enquiry which sees a heuristic of convergence rather than divergence.


If one considers systems theory and Schumacher’s definitions of Convergent and divergent problems one sees that some DIvergent or “Wicked Problems” require a trial and error best-fit approach, this class of problem is however not ubiquitous, many problems as Schumacher and Roy Madron point out can be dissolved. This sort of theoretical approach to knowledge is very apparent in Google, Amazon, Facebook and Establishment media narrative management and as Partick Ryan says in the Butterfly war reverse engineering and using the Silicon Teck monopoly’s own tools against its own underlying motivations is what those excluded from the magic circle should sensibly do, Adopt the same wing patterns to spoof entry. Allowing users of the Grub Street Web 3 platform to Enter or Exit through the gift shop as they desire. In generating metadata, there are a number of opportunities to produce, Summaries, Say chapter headings and paragraph subheadings, Keyword clouds, Sentences in contexts, hence NGram as some of the focus today.06:55Within Googles advance search and Twitters advanced search functions users can gain a little more control over what results are served up, of course, a very large number of people wishing to give the appearance of Au Current chic, chattering class In the know “Dontcha know” types, are happily faking it til they make it which really is the American Way. Instead of first they came for the Socialists, then there was no one left these days its more, first they came for the Fred Perry polo necks, then they came for the Lacoste Sweaters, then they came for the Waitrose ready-made mealers. Of course, Selfridges, Fortnums and those with Osbourne and Little tastes have nothing to fear.


Chat with David Malone On The Move Policy Bot #MOABS #PDC #WikiBallot @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @DavidGolemXIV #ParadigmShift The App is a personal archive curator for the multi-media- makers a Librarian/consultant for the readers and viewers.
PhilosoTees Chomsky | Example Not Lip-service Clothing… #MOABS

The App will be a personal archive curator for the Writers and Filmmakers and a Librarian / Book Shop consultant for the readers and viewers. That’s what I hope we have created following some wacky ideas thrown at the Web 3 blue sky.

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