Looking at the Corporate States In House Magazines. Vanity Publishing for Fascism. #GrubStreetJournal

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The business-focused press has all the new toys, remember keep your friends close and your enemies closer.



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#GrubStreetJournal is Quartzy Shadow Banned? Is Quartzy printing all the news fit to print. Media for the #SERCO Class, “the 5000 people who count”


All of Barack Obama’s summer reading lists, combined https://qz.com/quartzy/1688457/  via @qz Quartz, Outsourcing the International Lies based orders propaganda Corporate Suits Project Syndicate.

All of Barack Obama’s summer reading lists, combined

Revisit a decade of Obama’s summer reading lists.


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On Tulip Manias and Fragility in our Nascent Democracy.The Future of Us: ZeroNet @ TED2017 #GrubStreetJournal



Who controls the internet? Increasingly, the answer is large corporations and governments — a trend that’s threatening digital privacy and access to information online, says web developer Tamas Kocsis. In this informative talk, Kocsis breaks down the different threats to internet freedom and shares his plan to build an alternative, decentralized network that returns power to everyday users.

This talk was presented at a TED Salon event given in partnership with Samsung. TED editors featured it among our selections on the home page. Read more about TED Salons.

It was good to see Tamas did his ted talk in the end.