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The Answer to Life, The Universe and everything.

Published on May 25, 2018



Five functioning Xanadu systems have been built, four of which can be manipulated by you. NOTE: USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK! While no problems have been found, we give no assurance of safety, usefulness or adherence to specifications. SOFTWARE DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO–
1. KEIO HYPERTRANSACTION SYSTEM (approx. 2098-2002) WRITEUPS of Keio Hypertransaction System, at Professor Ohiwa’s Lab, Keio University – “Transpublishing”, at kri.sfc.keio.ac.jp/en/consortium/transpublishing.html – TransPublishing [in Japanese] ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110002776602 OPENXANADU™, with Nicholas Levin (2014) showing “Origins” essay with transclusions only, opening in browser http://xanadu.com/xanademos/MoeJusteO…
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3. XANADU CAMBRIDGE (xuCamb). with Edward Betts The overall system explained with directions– youtube.com/watch?v=72M5kcnAL-4 ADDRESSES WITHIN: login: http://perma.pub/1/login
upload new sourcedoc:
currently available docs:
new xanalink:
document index:
new xanalink:
DOCUMENT TRIM Open one of the available documents at
stripe the portion you want, and choose at the bottom to select portion Make EDL in text editor of your choice. PUT IN EDL AND SEE THE XANADOC perma.pub/xanaviewer3/ OR review the steps at “New Game in Town”,
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4. XANADU CLASSIC Software, 1979 et seq. (formerly called xu88, Udanax Green) with Roger Gregory, Mark S. Miller, Stuart Green, Roland King and Eric S. Hill For the demo as shown in this video, obtain VMware Fusion, download the .zip file, opens in archive.org/details/ClassicXanaduWithPYXI and follow the directions– especially, “open previous snapshot”. – WRITEUP of Classic Xanadu T. Nelson, “Literary Machines” (humanist edition, 1981) – Writeup of tumbler addressing T. Nelson, “Literary Machines” (technical edition, 1987) === FOR DIEHARDS– – The actual Classic Xanadu server code, in open source– udanax.xanadu.com/green/download/index.html 5. XANADUSPACE™, ca. 2004 to 2009 Architect: Theodor Holm Nelson Programmer: Robert Adamson Smith with subsequent work by John Ohno, Jonathan Kopetz and Tim Johnson. 2007 version used for most demos, “XanaduSpaceMinMin” is downloadable from the Internet Archive at https://archive.org/details/XuspMinMi…
Windows only, no installation necessary, just click on ACCEPT_LICENSE.exe. Directions are given in this video, or more immediately at

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