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Will democracy break out and common sense prevail? The UK will not get back on a fairer more prosperous path whilst in the Neo-Liberal crypto-fascist EU, The EU will not reform its crypto-fascist ways unless we leave and others start to follow.
Bayer/Monsanto TTIP/CETA/ITDS all EU poster child projects along with EUMilitary Unification
Trump/Bolton Pompeo, Atlantic US Peanac trade deal is a Chlorinated Chicken, Loot the NHS Brexit, equally unattractive.
How does one Strategise to Get all of the Institutional power structures off their current brain dead trajectories?
The Answer remains a Government of National Unity with Jezzer and Bojo allying to unite the Lexiteers and Conservative Libertarian WTO Brexiteers. May sound far fetched, it is, however, the only way to beat the Gnomes of Zurich at this stage,

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A Grand Cross Party “Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament” Still the best way. A Grand Cross Party “Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament”, Still not to late, to Save ourselves from Ourselves and Europe from themselves. Fog in Channel Europe Cut Off.

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