THE SUNDAY ESSAY: how and why only we the People can block the anti-Brexit barbarians

Excellent John.
I had on my to do list today to make a Wiki Ballot Twitter account and open Primary Pages on Wiki Ballot for the expelled Tory seats I did two tweets yesterday hoping someone might, but as yet whilst there are quite a few people who have signed up as editors no one has done any editing.

The Slog

DSCN0276 In a longer than normal essay today, The Slog analyses Brexit realities and likely developments in the short to medium-term future. The main thrust of the piece is that rebel Tory Remainers may be in triumphalist mode for the time being, but there is a fatal flaw in their programme of sabotage. Not too far away now is a genuine opportunity for intelligent Brexiteers to target, trap and turf out those who would defy the People. “It won’t make any difference” is no longer a viable position. Stand up and be counted now, or be counted out by the élite controllers.


‘British business confidence at all-time low because of Brexit” claimed the London Times last Friday. Oh, for a return to wise, properly written and objective journalism.

Dear Times, Brexit hasn’t happened. If the British Establishment gets its way, it will never happen. Therefore, Brexit cannot possibly be…

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