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Sir Mark Sidwell UK Dictator & PM Sets out his EU United Military Policy to the Atlantic Council #BitChute #Brexit #Prorogation #ContinuityofGovernement #Wiki_Ballot #PDC #GrubStreetJournal — GrubStreetJournal (@GrubStreetJorno) September 9, 2019 Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee Monday 9 September 2019 Meeting started at 12.22pm, ended 2.26pm 12:22:25 Subject: The work of the Cabinet Secretary …

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ED. addition Nov 2019. This Blog summarised at the time progress with creating the Grub Street Journal Web 3 publishing site for multimedia communication. Progress has been slow but positive. Customised Antidote to Main Stream Media Browser Down Load the APP source Make your vote count with Wikiballot When the votes are counted, …

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