How about a Democracy where you get to join in? The Internet and Democracy two things that are done to you, Let’s change that! @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @BlocktechCEO @alexandria @TheTedNelson @DavidGolemXIV #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019

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ED. addition Nov 2019.

This Blog summarised at the time progress with creating the Grub Street Journal Web 3 publishing site for multimedia communication. Progress has been slow but positive.


Customised Antidote to Main Stream Media Browser

Down Load the APP source

Selection 617.jpg

Make your vote count with Wikiballot
When the votes are counted, make sure yours counts
Before you waste your vote, go to Wikiballot
Make your vote count. Make it to Wikiballot
Count the élites out with Wikiballot
Stand up and be counted with Wikiballot

How to prevent debate while claiming to be in favour of it.

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Hello David, Hello Golem City.

Time flys and a General Election or some sort of constitutional fudge is afoot.
How about another Livestream interview David, Readers here would I am sure love to hear your take at this moment of Poised theatrical suspense.
John Ward over at the Slog Published this yesterday,

Well worth a read and answering the Call to,

Forward this “a chain-letter for the digital age.”

The Wiki Ballot tactical voting Wiki has been slowly developing since its hello world moment back at the beginning of April

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What are your plans in Scarborough David? is the Brexit party going to take on Goodwill? are you going to stand as an independent or for one of the other parties? Would be great to hear an answer to that on a live stream.

I have been busy with The Grub Street Journal and woke this morning to the Notion

Instead of the Internet being something done to you, how about an internet where you get to join in? A proto slogan, not very good as yet but I do think that is what the Internet has become its very much something which is done to us in the same way that Television broadcasting became and still is something which is done to us.

I have been very deep down the web/Internet hole.
the web has a system of conventions and

Hypercast 2, 2019.03.01

people put in hard carriage returns so
if you enlarge something you can’t see
the whole line and they put in all this
white space and it’s a form of it’s a
it’s a system of conventions for stuff
so the web is entirely separate
if you think of the Internet as an
ocean then the web is folks that float
on the ocean”
Published on 10 Aug 2019


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Get Up I Feel Like Being a HyperText Machine #GrubStreetJournal Take it to the Bridge. #HypathiasEyebrowser #Themes #FrameWorksofUnderstanding #Context #Motivation #DevilsAdvocate #YingYang #ManySidedness #IntegralTheory #AQAL #MartinNowak

Mindforge Tiddlywiki OIP Alexandria Xanadu Xanadocs Hypathias Eybrowser Bench Notes in Progress.

Foresight Institute – Advancing Beneficial TechnologiesForesight Institute is a non-profit organization focused on advancing technologies of fundamental importance for the future of life.
2.… @edwardbetts
Ikiwiki WordPress importerWordpress to Ikiwiki converter. @Jermolene @pfrazee @taravancil @BlocktechCEO
ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktopMenubar IPFS Application. Contribute to ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop development by creating an account on GitHub.   @AmyofAlexandria @TheTedNelson
10. @jasonrohrer
#HypathiasEyebrowser #Themes #FrameWorksofUnderstanding #Context #Motivation #YingYang #ManySidedness #AQAL #MartinNowak

<note> <ED> – last bit does not render, follow the link to a rendered thread, link back to the original blog, in Xanadu world all links would be collapsible and extensible. <note ends>

WIll PM David , this ones for the SEO bots.

@zestyping… @edwardbetts
3. Ikiwiki WordPress importerWordpress to Ikiwiki converter. @Jermolene @pfrazee @taravancil @BlocktechCEO
6.ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktopMenubar IPFS Application. Contribute to ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-desktop development by creating an account on GitHub. @AmyofAlexandria @TheTedNelson
10. @jasonrohrer

#GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #HypathiasEyebrowser
@Wiki_Ballot #WikiBallot @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @SteveBakerHW @BorisJohnson @RobinTilbrook @_Spinflight_ #Primaries #SovereignPDC @DandVParty

THE SUNDAY ESSAY: how and why only we the People can block the anti-Brexit barbarians

DSCN0276 In a longer than normal essay today, The Slog analyses Brexit realities and likely developments in the short to medium-term future. The main thrust of the piece is that rebel Tory Remainers may be in triumphalist mode for the time being, but there is a fatal flaw in their programme of sabotage. Not too far away now is a genuine opportunity for intelligent Brexiteers to target, trap and turf out those who would defy the People. “It won’t make any difference” is no longer a viable position. Stand up and be counted now, or be counted out by the élite controllers.

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#ConquestofDough #NaziPug #AlisonChabloz #LabourAntiSemitism #FreeSpeech #FreeTommy #FreeAssange #OnLineHarmsAct #Section13 #EUssr #StalagLuftBlighty #MAGA #MEGA

@ErikVoorhees @WeAreChangeNYC @alexandria @KimDotcom @BlocktechCEO @OpenIn…

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DEADtREEANDhttpiNTERWEBS DeadTreeandHttpInterwebs













































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3 thoughts on “How about a Democracy where you get to join in? The Internet and Democracy two things that are done to you, Let’s change that! @JoeBlob20 @financialeyes @BlocktechCEO @alexandria @TheTedNelson @DavidGolemXIV #4Pamphleteers @GrubStreetJorno @wiki_ballot #WIKIBALLOTPICK #IABATO #SAM #GE2019

  1. Lupulco
    September 9, 2019 at 11:49 am
    Interesting Blog JW. Are you proposing anarchy or the simple changing of one set of tyrants for another set?

    Did you place the Pingback at the top of the comments section? Did you look at it? Lots of links to other blogs and tweetfeeds. Plus a few diagrams of things and people of differences.

    What seems interesting was all these things and people were of endless variety, but after passing through the funnel shaped machine [education, local and national conventions] we all appear out of the end of the funnel the same?

    Nothing new in that, thinkers have always known we might start of in life with different lifestyles and life chances, not to mention different abilities in the way we make use of these choices. But in the end we learn to conform [at least appear to] and in the end we end up simply as a memory and dust.

    @ KJH Jean Monnet, one of the EU founders, described its structure as a ‘benign despotism’. The elected European Parliament has no power to propose and pass laws. The EU was explicitly constructed on a non-electoral basis. Unfortunately, there is no control mechanism to stop ‘benign’ changing into ‘sinister’.

    True but as not our supposed betters? Always thought/believed that the plebs/proles have not sufficient intelligence to vote, hence the two party system and its sham democracy. It creates the illusion of choice, but in reality the system rules.

    @Derek Reynolds; Completely agree and have forwarded your comments [under my name to my MP]

    Liked by you

    Pingback: how about a Democracy where you get to join in? The Internet and Democracy two things that are done to you, Let’s change that. – Not The Grub Street Journal

    Liked by 1 person

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