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This is my holding post/Bench note for a deeper forensic analysis of the Ban still in force of the @PMotels Twitter account.

As part of my Grub Street Journal development, I have been building hyperlinks across platforms and analysing traffic and reverse linkages. The Importance of cross-referenced links is quite clear in the Paper Li automatically generated Grub Street Journal.

Before Ban

After Ban

PodStop Pit Stop Cellular Automated Motels

Thu, Sep 12, 8:06 AM (2 days ago)

to Twitter
Dear Sirs
Freedom of Information request.
This is my account I sent a suspension appeal.
Please take this e-mail as public freedom of information request for the circumstances of this suspension so that IU can take appropriate legal advice if appropriate.
Yours Faithfull
Roger G Lewis BSc MRICS

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Icke acct suspend

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Advocate of Common Sense & Bill of Rights. Stock Mkt trader. Geopolitical Analyst. Disseminating info. Calling out disinfo in the media. Stay curious!

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Riley Green


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Anti-EU pre-EU immigrant Do not tell me to calm down and dont talk back and dont get in my way

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Stopping Twitter feeds since 1946.

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Eugène A.


Wer nichts weiß und weiß, dass er nichts weiß,weiß mehr als der, der nichts weiß und nicht weiß, dass er nichts weiß.

Grundsätzlich gibt es nichts z
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جاوید شیخ


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