Getting undergraduates and amateurs into the business of re-editing our cultural heritage for a digital world
This is a fantastic piece of exhilarating prescience.
Would you mind if I reblogged it on my Grub Street Journal Blog,
I found word-hoard today and got it working on my Linux machine with the Java bells and whistles sounding their disapproval,(
I am working on an In-browser publishing platform for Multi-Media Grey Space Jockeys, What does one call them. I loved your point on the orality of Homer. Exegesis’ of religious texts would do well to remember the same.
There is a lot on my Blog about #GrubStreetJournal and #HypatiasEyeBrowser also Ted Nelsons Xanadu,
I left a comment on Blau Blog the other day, I am considerably more excited about what I have just read here.
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Roger G Lewis

Scalable Reading

The Chicago section of today’s New York Times has an article with the title “Volunteers at Planetarium Excel where machines lag.” The gist of the article is in these paragraphs:

The Adler has become a leader in “citizen science,” a growing trend in astronomy research. As the lead institution of the Citizen Science Alliance, which includes Oxford and Johns Hopkins Universities, it has registered more than 350,000 non-experts to help classify the many thousands of pictures of galaxies taken by powerful telescopes.

The images can help researchers better identify the shapes of galaxies, observe the formation of stars and follow the movement of asteroids. Astronomers often use computers to help analyze photos of outer space, but computers can miss anomalies and patterns that the human eye is particularly equipped to catch, said Joshua Frieman, a researcher at FermiLab and a professor at the University of Chicago.

“You don’t need a…

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Not Reading but Drowning. Big Data, Wordhoard. Scalable reading and human intelligent understanding. #Xanadocs #Alexandria #HypathiasEyebrowser @TheTedNelson @kramermj @DrAdrianBlau @JillanaEnteen @TheAtlantic @enkiv2

This post is another notebook post when using my analytical programming mindset I find writing prose virtually impossible. Poetry being more abstract in my own case at least is not impacted in the same way although to write poetry I have to be in a meditative reflective state and Programming and data crunching is not … Continue reading Not Reading but Drowning. Big Data, Wordhoard. Scalable reading and human intelligent understanding. #Xanadocs #Alexandria #HypathiasEyebrowser @TheTedNelson @kramermj @DrAdrianBlau @JillanaEnteen @TheAtlantic @enkiv2